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Thankful for our Fellow Her Campus Chapters: Anna Fifelski, University of Michigan

This week, I was so lucky to have the opportunity to meet Anna Fifelski, the campus coordinator of the University of Michigan’s Her Campus chapter! It was really cool to be able to compare our Her Campus experiences at such different schools. Holy Cross is definitely much smaller than Michigan, but Anna and I were able to connect through our shared interests and experiences. 

Though I just recently joined Her Campus at Holy Cross, Anna and I were easily able to swap writing and recruiting tips and ideas. Anna’s chapter works on an open schedule in which people sign up to write, meet monthly, and workshop. We both agreed that workshopping is one of the most beneficial aspects of being involved in Her Campus. Bouncing ideas off each other is super helpful and crucial to preventing writer’s block and burnout.

Anna’s double majoring in creative writing/literature and English with a minor in Polish literature/culture. It’s always fun to connect with a fellow English major, and her Polish minor was so interesting to hear about (her grandparents speak Polish)! Anna’s from a super small town in West Michigan and chose to attend the University of Michigan after visiting the campus. I also chose Holy Cross after falling in love with the campus when I visited, so it was awesome to find similarities between Anna’s college process and my own.

Anna also works in the study abroad office at Michigan as a peer advisor. I’m studying in Dublin next semester, so it was super interesting to hear about Anna’s role in the process. She’s studying abroad in London in the spring and wants to travel to the Czech Republic or Greece over the summer! 

While Holy Cross operates on a two-semester fall/spring schedule, Michigan has fall/winter and spring/summer semesters. A full semester would be either fall/winter or spring/summer, but this system makes room for students to be able to participate in half-semester programs. Michigan students take between 12-18 credits a semester and need 120 to graduate. Right now, Anna’s taking 5 classes for 17 credits and 4 next semesters for 12 credits. While Holy Cross really emphasizes fulfilling common area/major requirements, Michigan gives students more freedom in designing their own schedules. 

Anna loves to crochet (she just completed a very All Too Well-esque red scarf) and she’s an Aries. We both love all things true crime/creepy, so she recommended to me, House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski as my next thrilling read and the Magnus Archives as an intriguing horror-fiction podcast! 

In true Thanksgiving fashion, Anna and I both shared what we’re thankful for. She’s grateful for her friends at Michigan and especially friends from high school who she really got close with when they joined her at UofM. It was so awesome to be able to find commonalities with Anna, but also to learn new things about her and life at UofM. Overall, this experience was so much fun and has motivated me to learn new things about myself and others this holiday season!

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