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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

1. “Here with JC”… in his heart

Hilarious sarcastic comments fly off the screen at the start of the film that shows
Hazel at the support group. The meet cute is adorable, but with an uncomfortable
amount of staring between the two that is weirdly cute. Isaac is awesome, but the
“super hot girlfriend out of his league” immediately informs us something is
bound to happen with sweet Issac and his romance. “Always” grosses me out. The
metaphor of the cigarette sums up Augustus water’s personality of wanting to be
in control of his life and how he won’t give the thing that does the killing power
to kill him.

2. “Augustus world”

The newly made friends hang out for the first time and tell eachother their “real
story” not their “cancer story”. The novel they share and discuss shows how life
just dies in the middle; which is the main story of this movie. My favorite
sentence was “that’s the thing about pain…it demands to be felt”. In the hospital
Hazel’s condition worsens and she has a moment of staring at her parents holding
hands. Young love or a mutually shared connection with someone is what she
desires. Something so pure, strong, and real. This is the moment where I think the
audience really connects with her because everyone is able to relate to these
emotions of love and want. Later, “your efforts to stay away from me does not
lessen my affection for you… i would be honored to be heart broken by you” and
“I am a grenade”

3. “I am tasting the stars!”

The first date at On Oranje captures every beauty there is in love. It includes a
long expression of love by Augustus, perfect setting for the date with magical
lights, and the moment everyone wishes for: the special look of the person
standing in front of you reacting to thow nice you look which puts the
vulnerability of a first date at ease as well as makes you feel special. It’s perfect
and beautiful… plus a free bottle of Dom Pérignon is a special bonus.


Cancer has spread everywhere in Augustus and he tells Hazel on their last day in
Amsterdam. This is where the crying becomes depressing rather than
beautiful/happy tears. The scope goes back to Issaac who now has no eyes and
Issaac planning his funeral while going through chemotherapy. The real breaking
point is Augustus at the gas station. His “real story” is finally revealed. Under all
the humor and witty metaphors, he “hates himself” and “wants to do something for himself.” Everything is finally revealed and for the rest of the film we are left
with the truth about their lives.

5. “obsession with being remembered”

Hazel says “I am going to remember you” and he responds “it’s a good life Hazel
Grace”. This I feel is where they have their closure and “there is no way of
knowing that your last good day is your last good day”. The eulogy scene is
written so well and it is a must see. “Just like all love stories ours will die with us”
– for everyone this occurs, but this meaning is different for Augustus and Hazel
because she will live for a while without him so this is her way of saying to him
that she will always love him. Their love story will continue until her death. “You
gave me forever and within the numbered days I am eternally grateful… I love
you so much”. Being able to watch his own funeral allows them to get closure and
say their final words.

The story shows a raw truth within all our lives when thinking about love. The passion
and the adventure as well as the pain and turmoil because when you have something you then
have something to lose. But the fear of losing it also means it is worth wild and something no
one will ever regret having, despite the pain in losing it. Her father says, “it was a privilege tho,
right? To love him”. This is then tied into Augustus’ eulogy for hazel at the very end which
shows how these emotions can never be put into words the exact way people want them to be
because ultimately they can never be fully expressed. They are too powerful to be simply
covered in the phrase “I love you”, but that is the best way we are able to express them. I think
this movie ultimately sums up what it means to feel true love as well as its inevitable tragedy.

Colette Offermann

Holy Cross '23

Colette is currently pursuing an English major and minoring in Studio Art and Social Ethics and Business at Holy Cross. On her free days she loves to paint abstract works, try out new recipes, play tennis, go to wine tastings, and experience new activities within her community such as new restaurants and boutiques.