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Ranking Kendall Jenner’s Halloween Looks: From 2014 to Now

Kendall has had some iconic Halloween looks, setting the bar incredibly high for those trying to replicate them. Here’s my ranking.

1. Fairy costume – 2019

 Kendall turned heads in a forest fairy costume adorned in all gold. Her intricate headpiece, combined with a stunning gold dress, and iridescent gold wings made this my all-time favorite Halloween look of hers.

2. austin powers fembot – 2018

Coming in at number two is Kendall’s costume from 2018. This year, Kendall rocked a dainty pink Austin Powers fembot costume. Her best pal, Fai Khadra joined her, dressing up as Austin Powers. Since Kendall rocked this iconic costume, we’ve seen it pop up at every Halloween since. 

3. Victoria’s secret angels – 2018

I’m giving third place to another one of Kendall’s 2018 costumes. Kendall and her sisters decided to do a group costume this year as well where they all dressed as Victoria Secret Angels. The sisters all rocked stunning white lingerie with over-the-top fluffy white wings. Kendall opted for a simple white set, showing off her long legs and highlighting the wings as the focal point.  


Fourth place goes to Kendall’s costume from 2020. Kendall and Kylie decided to do a joint costume and replicate one of their childhood photos. The pairs costume was spot on, making their look from the early 2000s sexy and on-trend for Halloween.


Next, for the fifth spot, I’m giving it to Kendall’s second costume of 2020. Kendall was Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, wearing fishnet stockings, a one-piece black corset and a voluminous blonde wig. I will also note that this Halloween came right before the 2020 election. Kendall decided to make a political statement trading out Barb’s gun for a flag that spelled out, “VOTE.” 

6. WITCH – 2018

For Kendall’s third costume of 2018, she dressed up as a witch. He costume included an iconic feathery balck witch hat, black gloves, and a sexy black mini dress.


At number seven comes Kendall’s 2017 costume with best friends Hailey Bieber and Justine Skye. The trio dressed as the PowerPuff Girls, where Kendall rocked Buttercup in a stunning green and black look. 

8. karl lagerfeld – 2015

Kendall’s 2015 look comes in eighth. This year Kendall dressed as Chanel’s, now late, creative director Karl Lagerfeld. In her version of his signature look, Kendall wore a one-piece with fishnet stockings, a blazer, big black sunglasses, and a short white wig.

9. witch pt. 2 – 2016

The next spot is ninth and this goes to Kendall’s 2016 look. Kendall first opted for a witch costume in 2016, however this first witch costume was far less iconic than her 2018 rendition. This year, she put a goth spin on the witch, wearing black leather and dark black lipstick.

10. mario and luigi – 2014

nally, my least favorite Halloween costume of Kendall’s would have to be her look from 2014. I can’t blame young Kendall for this because as a nineteen years-old, she was just starting to get into fashion and modeling. Her Halloween looks had not yet come to have the significance that they do now. Anyways, this year she and best pal Cara Delevingne dressed up as Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros. Their funky onesies were lighthearted and funny and the pair looked great together! 

Cassie Smith is a current Psychology major with a minor in Rhetoric & Composition at Holy Cross. When she'd not spending her time working for HerCampus, she's catching up with friends, graphic designing on her iPad, or perfectly organizing her Pinterest boards and Spotify playlists.
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