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Pat Benzan and Karl Charles ’19

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.


Name(s): Karl Charles (K) and Pat Benzan (P)



K and P: Freshmen



K: Undecided

P: Economics



K: Wheeler

P: Mulledy


Campus Involvement:

K and P: Men’s Basketball (Pat’s mom played on the Women’s Basketball team here when she was a student at Holy Cross)



K: Roselle, New Jersey

P: Wellesley, MA


Relationship Status:

K and P: Single





K: Navy Blue

P: Gold


Thing About Your Mom:

K: Her cooking

P: Her sense of humor


Thing About HC:

K: The diversity

P: The size


Spot On Campus:

K:  Hart Center (S: getting the gains obviously)

P: That’s corny (in response to Karl’s answer)… definitely Cool Beans 2


Pump-Up Song:

K: Electric Body – A$AP Rocky

P: Lay Up – Future



K: Wolf of Wall Street

P: Oh that’s a good one (in response to Karl’s answer)… Wedding Crashers


Guilty Pleasure:

K: Watching Scandal (S: Kerry Washington is SUCH a babe)

P: Taylor Swift




Deal Breaker:

K: Too talkative

P: Green messages (laughs)


Deal Maker:

K: Nice style

P: You go (in response to Karl’s answer)! Good taste in music for sure


Embarrassing Moment from First Semester:

K: Walked into the wrong class on the first day of classes and didn’t realize until the professor started talking

P: Once I thought I saw a girl waving it me, then I figured out she wasn’t, I was with my entire team and they gave me a lot of shit for it


Favorite Memory from First Semester:

K: First everything (S: calm down ladies we’re talking about basketball)… first start, first lay up, first win, etc.

P: First weekend and getting to know everyone


Last, but not least, HC girls are the best because…

K: They’re fun to hang out with (S: Netflix and chill?)

P: They’re really down to Earth

Karl Charles

Pat Benzan




Sophomore and History and English double major at the College of the Holy Cross