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Fitness routines: amazing yet impossible, am I right? As a college girl who no longer participates in high-school sports, I still make it my goal to incorporate fitness into my daily routine. From outdoor walks to the treadmill, I highly enjoy dedicating a portion of my day to remaining active. Alongside my fitness journey, I work to incorporate good nutrition and hydration into my diet. All these things make me feel and look my best, but sometimes don’t you just find yourself wanting a burger? We’ve all been there. For me, my routine of healthy habits comes with structure and balance. Time is essential to finding the groove of your fitness routine and may require many failed attempts. For me, I was never able to find a gym workout that felt right or a workout class that made me feel 100%. However, once I did, my activity levels have spiked, and so has my physical well-being! 

After many months of living within the rules of a pandemic, I found myself losing this sense of activity. With the restrictions on gyms and mask-wearing policies, it was easier not to go than to motivate myself. However, my routine began to pick up this June when I started a membership at my local OrangeTheory. From word of mouth, I had heard amazing things about their classes, instructors, and community. In a desperate attempt to structure myself not only this summer but beyond so, I signed up for their month starter membership. I was intimidated and unsure of how it would go. However, I knew I was interested in strengthening my body and getting my mileage down, two things this establishment could provide me. 

Shortly after my first couple of weeks, I was hooked. Since being off a team, I had lost all of my love for working out. I would do it; however, it would be a chore. OrangeTheory had the opposite effect on me. I would go to a class, water bottle in hand, a heart monitor on my arm, ready to conquer the workout. The class consists of  20-minute rotations from the rowing machine, floor workouts, and the treadmill. Incorporating this rotation was a primary reason why I started to love the workout so much. The stations felt like competitions, racing to beat the clock. While the stakes were high, the coaches and fellow participants never made me feel uncomfortable. Every class, we all work collectively to conquer our workout, while still being able to go at our own pace. If one day you are not 100%, there is no pressure to be like the person next to you. Each and every one of us is battling our own fitness journey and at our own time and energy. 

To an outsider looking to update their typical workout routine, my advice will always point towards OrangeTheory’s first class for free. The community is engaging, motivating, and effective. Within only a couple of months consistently doing these workouts, my skin has been vibrant, my body has been toned, and my mental clarity has been consistent. Workouts mean more than just working on your physical appearance, but your mindset as well.

Gioia Guarino

Holy Cross '23

Bostonian/ Creative writer/ Foodie/ Shopaholic
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