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Now that we have stuffed our Halloween costumes deep into the back of our closets, it seems as though everyone is thinking, “Now what?” In my humble opinion, the month of November always drags. The sun sets at 4:30 PM, our workload increases, and the holiday season has not quite arrived. So… what can we do around campus and Worcester to keep ourselves busy?

Hike Wachusett Mountain

About a thirty minute drive from campus, Wachusett Mountain has several trails for hikers of all skill levels. Taking only about 25 minutes to reach the top, hiking Wachusett serves as the perfect little work-out. PRO TIP: When you reach the top, venture onto the viewing deck! You will see SO many cute doggies. One time, my friends and I even saw a man propose to his girlfriend :)

Go shopping!

The Auburn Mall and the Blackstone Valley Shops are both only five to ten minutes away from Holy Cross. However, if you’re looking for the BEST shopping experience in Massachusetts, you will have to drive a little further (about thirty minutes) to the Natick Mall. A trip here requires both mental and physical preparation. You can never, ever, just “run into” the Natick Mall. 

Take a day trip to boston

Sometimes, everyone needs a little break from campus. Thankfully, Union Station is just two exits away from Holy Cross on I-290. There, you can hop on a train to Boston. In just an hour and a half, you will find yourself in one of America’s oldest cities. MUST SEES: The New England Aquarium, the North End, and Faneuil Hall.

build a fire

In high school, my friends and I loved spending our Friday nights by a fire (especially in the cold). Bundled up in winter jackets and blankets, we would sit together for hours, toasting marshmallows and listening to old Taylor Swift. PRO TIP: Roast apples (trust me on this one)! My friend calls them “Screaming Apples” because they make an obnoxiously loud squealing noise when put over a flame. Once you roast your apple, sprinkle some sugar or cinnamon on top and voila! *chef’s kiss*

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