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Ned From the Try Guys Really Cheated On His Wife…

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

If you’re anything like me, you were never a big fan of the Try Guys. I’ve never watched their videos, and honestly, I still don’t really know what they do. However, if you’re anything like me, you love drama and the case of Ned from the Try Guys is a scandal!

Around 2 days ago, I started to see an influx of tik toks about a possible cheating scandal between Ned from the Try Guys and a colleague of his. A reddit user had posted a thread possibly exposing Ned for cheating on his wife Ariel, with a colleague of his that worked with the Try Guys. The reddit user included pictures and videos; they REALLY came with the receipts. The female was identified as a younger woman who worked with the Try Guys, and was also in a separate relationship. The videos and pictures revealed the two individuals in a club, making out.

Now, at the time all of this came out, nothing was concrete and no one could really prove or disprove the supposed relationship between these two. It wasn’t until some more intense fans noticed the absence of Ned in the Try Guys latest videos, and how it seemed as if he was edited out. People began to truly speculate that Ned indeed cheated on his wife.

This was a shock to the community because Ned had always been very open about his love for his wife. He always raved about how much he cared for her and the children he raised with her. He was the “my wife” guy, in a way. So, to have a man who so openly expressed his love for his wife, to cheat on said wife, was shocking to believe. Not only was the woman he cheated on his wife with younger than him, and engaged, but she was also his coworker!

Recently the truth came out, and Ned himself confirmed that he was in fact in a “consensual workplace relationship,” according to his own statement he released on Twitter. The Try Guys also later confirmed this and made a statement about how they would not be continuing working with Ned. The Try Guys would move forward as a group of three rather than four.

Amongst all this drama, what’s important to remember is that the victim is Ned’s wife Ariel. This situation must be unimaginable for her, and all we can do is support and send her love. So in conclusion, men ain’t sh*t.

Paige Thomson

Holy Cross '26

Hi! I'm Paige and I'm a current student at the College of the Holy Cross. I plan on majoring in Political Science with a potential minor in Chinese/Chinese Studies. I used to write for a literary magazine at my High School and it was something that I loved! I hope to write about current trends in pop culture, as well as looking into specific women in male dominated fields and how they thrive!