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My Top 10 Winter 2021 Inexpensive Beauty Favorites

It’s that time of year again, the cold winter is finally upon us. If you’re anything like me, your tan is fading, your skin is starting to get dry, and your summer glow is fading in general. Nowadays, there are hundreds of beauty products available to help you achieve a bronzed and glowy look no matter the time of the year. However, beauty products can be very expensive, and most college students, such as myself, are on a tight budget. As an avid follower of popular beauty trends, I have been researching and testing products for years, trying to find the best products for the best price. After years of research, I have made a complete list of inexpensive products that help me fake a summer glow.

L’Oreal “Lash Paradise” Mascara: This first product is an all time favorite of mine, and it has been in my everyday beauty routine since it was released in May 2017.  It retails for as low as $7.69 on Amazon.com, and is a great dupe for Too Faced’s “Better Than Sex” mascara which retails at $24. This product applies super easily and makes your lashes look very voluminous without being clumpy. Not only this, but it is super easy to remove. I totally recommend this product if you are on a budget and in the search for a new mascara.

Cerave “Moisturizing Cream: In the winter I suffer from extremely dry skin, and constantly need to moisturize. However, this product has been a life saver, and it doesn’t break the bank. I use it after every time I wash my face, and see instant results, my skin is silky smooth. The product retails for around $15 and contains 19 oz. of product, so it will last me months. After buying this product, I realize that there is no need to spend unnecessary money on high end skincare products that ultimately achieve the same results. 

Tanologist “Self Tan Drops”: I started using this product about a month ago, and I am hooked. Like most girls in our generation, I am addicted to self tan, I feel incomplete without. It is a staple in my weekly routine to self-tan every Thursday in preparation for the weekend. However, I found that the product I was using for my body was causing my face to break out, so due to the recommendation from a friend, I tried out these drops. These drops retail  for $19 at Target, and are super easy to apply. Just mix with your favorite moisturizer (I used the previously mentioned Cerave one) and rub into your face. My only caution is to make sure that you wash your hand immediately after, as the product oxidizes and leaves a stain. After application, you’ll have a bronzed glow to your whole face in just a few hours!

Aquaphor: The cold winter means dry air and chapped lips. However, there is no need to spend a fortune on expensive lip masks. As a lifelong user, I recommend using Aquaphor. Although it is very simple, this multipurpose ointment retails for as low as $3, and it is great at moisturizing lips.

Maybelline “Fit Me” loose powder: In order to prevent creasing, it is important to set your liquid makeup with powder. However, high end powders can be very expensive. Due to the recommendation of beauty influencers, I used to spend $39 on the Laura Mercier “Translucent Setting Powder”, which I now regret. After some research, I found that the Maybelline “Fit Me” loose powder is a great dupe for the  Laura Mercier one. This product prevents my under eye concealer from creasing all day, and retails for as low as $3.15 on Amazon.com.

Essence “Make Me Brow” Eyebrow Gel: Personally, I have sparse eyebrows, and like to fill them in as part of my everyday routine. Back in 2016, during the “Instagram Brow” trend, I used to spend $20 on an eyebrow pencil by Anastasia Beverly Hills to achieve an extremely defined brow. However, now that the fluffy, natural brow is in style, I prefer to fill my eyebrows in with a colored gel. I love this one by Essence Beauty, which you can find for $2.99 at Ulta.

Maybelline “Cheek Heat” Cream Blush: Blush is a crucial ingredient in achieving that glowy sunkissed look, which I so desperately desire in the dead of winter. Personally, I love a cream blush, and have fallen in love with this one by Maybelline. This product retails for $5.99 at Target, and gives me a natural flushed look, with a subtle shimmer. 

Maybelline “Master Precise All Day” Liquid Eyeliner: When I am going out, I love to complete my eye makeup with some winged eyeliner. Personally, I love using a liquid liner to achieve this look. However it is hard to find a good liquid eyeliner that does not bleed. After a lot of trial and error, I have found the best drugstore eyeliner, Maybelline’s “Master Precise All Day”. I love this product, and it costs as low as $6.38 on Amazon.com. It is also a great dupe for the Stila liquid liner, which cost upwards of $20.

Sephora Collection “#Lipstories” Lipstick: Also when I am going out, I love to add some lipstick to my makeup look. Because I do not use this product everyday, I cannot justify spending a ton of money on it.  However, I have found a great inexpensive lipstick, the Sephora collection “#Lipstories” lipstick. This product comes in 40 colors and is offered in a satin, matte, or metallic finish. Priced at just $9, this product is a great way to add a pop of color to your makeup look. Also, there are multiple shades of red, if you are feeling festive this upcoming Holiday season.

The Ordinary “Caffeine Solution” : As a sleep deprived college student, I always seem to have undereye bags. Although I use concealer to cover my bags, I also like to use this serum beforehand to minimize their appearance. This product retails for $6.70 at sephora, and helps me look like I actually get 8 hours of sleep every night.

Hannah Delea

Holy Cross '23

Hannah Delea is a current junior at Holy Cross pursuing a degree in political science. Along with her major she also pursing two minors, one in environmental studies and a self designed interdisciplinary minor called business, ethics, and society. She loves all things beauty and fashion, as well as health and fitness, which you can read more about in her articles.
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