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My Favorite Ways to Accessorize for Spring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

Spring is just around the corner! As one of my favorite seasons, the thought of campus getting greener and the air getting warmer makes me so excited. The change in the season however always leads me to question my outfits. After the winter season in which my oversized super puff jacket is my main accessory, I always struggle at first when finding what to wear for spring.

These are a few of my favorite ways to ring in spring with accessories. I hope you can take some inspiration as we head into the spring season!

Layering Pieces

With the change in weather especially in New England, our weather patterns can give us whiplash. Layering different pieces of clothing is a necessity when it comes to days that change temperature instantly. I love wearing vests because they are the perfect in-between piece to keep you warm, but they can still show off a cute long sleeve shirt. I also have been loving wearing a button-down shirt or jean jacket as opposed to a normal coat. These lighter pieces are perfect for spring!

Varying Bags

Adding a bag to your look can be the perfect addition no matter what time of year it is. With springtime, bright-colored bags can elevate your outfit and be super cute for any springtime occasion.

Bright Nails

 Springtime is the perfect time to try out a fun nail color! I love having nails that match the season, and bright nails can be a really cool way to accessorize for spring.


Rings go hand and hand with cute nails, but accessorizing with rings for spring can make for a cute look. I have found some colorful rings that match the spring vibe perfectly.


Opting for a dress or skirt on random occasions can be the perfect way to transition into the spring season. Especially in a floral pattern, these pieces epitomize the spring season.

Ann O'Malley

Holy Cross '26

Ann is a current sophomore at Holy Cross from Milton, Massachusetts. She enjoys spending time with friends, listening to music, and writing!