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I’m a terrible gift giver, so I rely on gift guides to get me through every holiday. Here are some generic, yet thoughtful, gift ideas for Mother’s Day.


If your mom is anything like mine, then she’s obsessed with tracking her steps. My mom checks her step count every hour on her phone and loudly announces the number to the room. A FitBit will better track her steps than her phone can, therefore making it a great gift for Mother’s Day!


My mom loves her Kindle more than she loves anything else in this world, including possibly her children. She loves being able to read in the dark, on her phone, or at the beach. She can read anytime and anywhere. She loves having access to all of her books at once, and she can borrow e-books from the library and send them directly to her Kindle through the Libby app. If your mom is a big reader, then a Kindle is the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

A Framed Family Photo

This gift is cheap, easy, and thoughtful. Moms love family pictures and she’ll be so excited to put it on display.

The most important thing to remember about gift giving is that it’s the thought that counts -- especially when it comes to mothers. She’ll just be happy to know you were thinking of her.

Bridget is a Senior English major at Holy Cross. She likes books, yoga, Taylor Swift, feta cheese, and reality TV. When she grows up, she wants to be Miss Havisham or Jia Tolentino.
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