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Moms Truly Do Know Best

“UGH, Mom you don’t understand ANYTHING!”  Funny to think that a mere 2 years ago, this was the dramatically woeful chorus of my teen-angst life.  When my curfew was 11:30 and everyone else got to stay out till midnight or my mom was “just always on my back” about getting my college apps in… I saw my mom as a dark horse in the way of my attempt at being a cool and mature high schooler (is this even a possible thing???). When she would assure me that she really did understand what I was going through and that I would come to appreciate her advice and discipline, I would roll my eyes and huff away with all the melodramatics I could muster.  But now, after being away from home and experiencing the responsibilities and difficulties that come with this freedom, I recognize how brilliant my mom actually is. She’s the first person whose advice I seek when I have a problem and the first call I make when I have exciting news.  Maybe it’s because, as she tried to convince me all along, she’s been there before.  All those mom-isms I used to disregard with typical teenage sass have come to be relevant and helpful as I struggle to figure life out on the hill.  Here are just a few of the great clichés every mom keeps in her back pocket that college gals should always remember!

  1. “I don’t care what everyone else is doing!  If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you jump off too?”Usually in response to: the classic attempt to get your mom’s approval on something by making the sweeping generalization that “everyone else is going/doing it/has one!”  Why you appreciate this now: College is a wonderful time to explore what passions and qualities make you uniquely… you!  You start to recognize how great it is to embrace your individuality and stand up for your own opinions.  Suddenly, the fact that a bunch of other people might be doing something doesn’t have the same draw that it used to.  Your confident self-awareness will help you realize when something is a bad decision, even though it can be hard to resist a majority.      
  2. “Sorry, the maid’s not in today.”Usually in response to: Not clearing your plate after dinner, not making your bed in the morning, and/or neglecting to do any other household chore.Why you appreciate this now: I think we can all agree that cleaning our rooms is sometimes the most daunting task in the world.  But, when our moms used this sarcastic maid response to get us to do our chores, they taught us some valuable lessons about being respectful of others and cleaning up after ourselves. This especially comes in handy when you have to learn how to live with a roommate and stay neat so that they know you respect their space.  
  3. “A good night’s sleep will help you feel better.”Usually in response to: Having any sickness whatsoever. From the sniffles to strep to the black plague, moms will undoubtedly suggest you simply go to sleep to cure your illness.  Why you appreciate this now: Because it’s actually so true!  When every girl in your hall is falling victim to flu season, it may seem impossible to stay in the clear. But, usually the main reason behind feeling under-the-weather is a lack of sleep!  So call it early on a night you don’t feel so hot and it’s almost guaranteed you’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated.  
  4. “You’re not going anywhere without a jacket!”Usually in response to: Your attempt to sneakily leave the house without proper outerwear.  Even if it’s a balmy 70 degrees, your mom will likely force a sweater into your hands just in case “it gets chilly later.”Why you appreciate it now: For some reason, in high school, it seemed like coolness was measured by one’s ability to wear only a sweatshirt in below-freezing temps. But after surviving a winter on the hill, every girl knows that tons of layers, long jackets, hats, and scarves are definitely a must, and they can be stylish too!  
  5. “Everything looks better in the morning.”Usually in response to: Any and all crises you are experiencing.  Why you appreciate it now: These words of wisdom can help you get through tons of dramatic nights out and hallway feuds.  In the heat of the moment, things seem a lot worse than they actually are.  Waiting until you wake up the next morning with a renewed perspective on the situation will help you make a more rational decision on how to handle the drama.

So, send your Mom a text or give her a ring and let her know… you’re taking all her advice to heart!  Moms really DO know best!

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