Make This Halloween Your Punniest Yet

With Halloween only a week away the push for the perfect Halloween costume is down to the wire. If you, like most of us here at Her Campus Holy Cross, have not even begun to contemplate what you are going to dress up as, these are a few suggestions for simple costumes that will not break the bank and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face with their fun use of wordplay.

1. Hawaiian Punch

All you need for this costume is a lei and boxing gloves. If you really want to go all out add a grass skirt, a flower crown, and a coconut bra, and you’re set!

2. Self-Absorbed

Simply tape or glue a plethora of sponges onto a t-shirt and skirt/shorts, and you’ve quickly become a self-absorbed individual.

3. Black Mail

Dress in an all-black ensemble and stick stamps all over your clothing. Not much to it.

4. Freudian Slip

Write some of Sigmund Freud’s famous terms on pieces of paper and then pin or glue them onto a silky slip.

5. Formal Apology

Don your fanciest dress; write “Sorry” on an obvious part of your body; and you’ve morphed into a formal apology.