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For a decade, everyone has raved over Lululemon products. But have we fallen for their marketing strategies that have given the company its hype?

Lululemon, I have come to find it has great products, but sometimes, it is not worth the price! With social media and influencers constantly showing viewers their fits, there are so many other brands to explore when it comes to products that Lululemon produces just on your FYP alone.

I have tried many different athletic and leisure brands, and here are some that are definitely worth checking out!

QQQ is a great brand for low prices found on Amazon. They have workout sets that are comfortable and waste-snatching yet flexible enough to have a breathable feel. Suppose you’re a gym girly, looking for a more flattering and comfortable workout set for running or weightlifting. In that case, I suggest the “women’s 4 piece outfits ribbed exercise scoop neck sports bra one shoulder top high waisted shorts leggings active set.” You get four different pieces of clothing two tops and two bottoms, for $47.49. A great deal compared to one hundred-dollar leggings at Lululemon!

If you’re looking for something similar to Lululemon with brand hype, check out ALO or Vouri.

Alo has great athletic clothes and sets that are flattering for all different types of bodies. Their pants tend to run long, so keep that in mind if you’re shorter. Alo material is so very comfortable and the leggings are warming for the winters.

The Vouri is a great store for athletes, clothing, and workout clothes. Vouri material is the all time best when it comes to texture. It is so soft and comfortable.

All the Vouri tops have a built-in bra, so if you order a bath leisure, hang out tank, and heat to have your bra aligned, showing in the back of the fitted shirt, I suggest that you get the Short Sleeve Halo Top. This top runs for about $63 but is worth it.

Summer Scott

Holy Cross '24

singer/songwriter/creative writer