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Looking Back…

It seems like so long ago that I was writing my first Her Campus article on what NOT to worry about in your beginning weeks of college, and now here I am, almost finished with my freshman year. Oh, how time flies! Through an amazing year of new experiences, new friends and lots of ups and, thankfully, very few downs, I’ve learned and grown as a person. So for this article, I asked other girls to reflect on their freshman year as well.


“Freshman year I learned how to read a professor, before you read their assignments. The amount of work you need to do (and inversely the amount of fun you’re gonna have) in order to get the grade you want varies so much. The quicker you figure out what your professor expects, the sooner you’ll be able to really decrease your stress levels.” ~ Elizabeth Sisco


“The biggest thing I’ve learned from my freshman year of college is to roll with the punches. Adjusting to everything is so tough and I’m still trying to get the hang of it, but I’d say the most important thing is to laugh everything off and not allow yourself to get too stressed about anything.” ~ Tess Ciarcia


“Freshman year I learned a lot about myself and what I wanted out of my college experience: working hard in the classroom is really important but so is taking the time to develop friendships that you’ll have years after Holy Cross. More than anything, I’ve learned to be my own source of joy and fulfillment, and to choose to do what makes me happy everyday.” ~ Amanda McClure


“The easiest thing I could say is ‘My first year has been amazing. It’s really like a thrilling roller coaster!’ All while smiling through the pain of recently failing my Orgo test and living with a stranger. People always say ‘Life is like a rollercoaster…Blah blah blah’. But I don’t like that. When I think of a rollercoaster, yes I think of ups and downs but in the end it’s just a big loop – a never ending cycle where you always end up where you started. And for that reason, I’d rather say my first year of college is similar to being on a rocket ship. Aside from the fact that a rocket ship is a million times cooler, I know that on that ship, no matter how nervous something may make me or how tired I am, I’m in an environment where forces literally push me to continuously move forward. Yes, I’ve pulled all-nighters because a nap seemed more beneficial than getting started on my midterm paper. Yes, I’ve learned how to quietly poop as other girls are brushing their teeth or showering. Yes, I’ve met. people who I think are going to be my life-long friends. Yes, I’ve learned not to question mysterious noises coming from next door. No, there is absolutely nothing I’d change. And that’s all of what makes college the experience it is. Students learn a lot of new things when it comes to not only their education, but also in who they are as a person and how to deal with those who are similar and different than them. In the end, I’ve learned to love every single experience. Every conversation, every assignment, every lecture, and even every crappy meal.at Kimball. Because it may seem pointless or useless, but we’re all on a journey of NONSTOP GROWTH, just like a rocket ship.” ~ Kaylah Fernandez


“Throughout the course of the year, I’ve learned to embrace the uncomfortable. Whether it’s meeting your roommate for the first time, talking with your professor or signing up for something new, you just have to go for it and get out of your comfort zone.” ~ Liz Lavoie


“During my freshman year I learned that you need to step of your comfort zone in order to fully embrace the college experience. You need to try new things in order to meet new people. I realized that I was meeting new people for the first time, where in high school I had known most of the people since kindergarten. However, the people you meet here become like friends you have had your entire life.” ~ Hannah Brown


“Taking care of your health and wellbeing (both physically and mentally) is super important. Stress management can be really hard for freshmen who have really busy schedules that literally leave no time for the gym. Taking a weekly yoga class or even just five minutes to meditate can really help. I can’t stress getting enough sleep enough. You might think that studying at 1 AM is helping for your 8 AM exam, but in all honesty, you’re robbing yourself of a fresh mind and you’re likely to make more mistakes. The most important thing to remember is that your freshman year is perspective: there are ups and downs, and even when you feel like quitting, tomorrow is a new day. One bad grade doesn’t mean you won’t get your dream job, and one bad day doesn’t mean a bad life. Take care of yourself and be present in the moment. A positive attitude can give you power over your circumstances rather than your circumstances having power over you. Keep working hard even when you feel like giving up – it will pay off.” ~ Maureen Hodgens


“Let’s see…I’ve learned that college can be a really lonely place but it turns out that the loneliness is a test of your character…It’s important to focus a lot of your energy into classes you don’t like because the classes you do will come more easily…Never take a hard language unless you’re really passionate about it…And accept your limitations.” ~ Gabriella Grilla


“Throughout the course of this year I have learned that there are so many great people at Holy Cross – from professors to fellow students and friends. All of the professors I’ve met seem to really care about their students and how they do in that class. I have also met some really great friends on campus, even in such a short time.” ~ Cassidy Bulger


“My first year at school taught me that you can try to organize and to plan as much as you’d like, but there will be things that come up that you just can’t prepare yourself for. If you try to control every little aspect, you only end up more stressed out – sometimes it’s better to just take things as they come and make the best out of the situation…And always stay positive!” ~ Me 


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