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Inner Thoughts While In Kimball

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

With just under two weeks left here on The Hill for the semester, it’s importatnt to recognize the thoughts and feelings we all have while dininig at the premiere on campus venue: Kimball… 

I am staring way too long at that person? Did he see me? I am being very noticeable.. oh no.

This omelet line is going to take thirty minutes! Will my friends be mad that I am waiting? Should I just get something else?

I wonder if Sis will remember my name one time without looking at the card? Life goals.

Do I have too many plates right now? People are going to think I’m eating for three.

Should I get desert? But look at all the people next to it…

That person is wearing shorts in thirty degree weather…

How long is too long to sit in Kimball?

I wish the bathroom wasn’t so far away…..

That line must be for chicken parm ( as it wraps around into the dining hall).

Where are the forks?

Do you think people notice how often I come here?

(While waiting in line) Wait where are my friends sitting??

I hope that you truly enjoy your last meals at Kimball until Fall 2015!