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I’m Obsessed with LinkedIn

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

I have had LinkedIn since the start of this school year because I thought it would be good to have career-wise, especially since I was entering sophomore year. I made my profile and connected with some friends and my parents but I did not do a whole lot more with it until I started to look for internships and take my post-graduate plans a little more seriously. I did all of this through the website. I put off downloading the app on my phone because I just knew what that would do to me.

As you can probably tell where this is going, I downloaded the app right before spring break. Let me tell you, I scroll endlessly. 

I love connecting with people and seeing posts about their accomplishments. I have also been more active recently. I redid my entire profile and planned out future posts. I was not a shy person before, but any inkling of a shy, socially anxious bone in my body has been eradicated. I have zero fear of stalking people on the app even though it tells them I viewed their profile. I love reaching out to alumni who either work in law in my area or who work/interned in the DC area to ask them about their experiences. I would consider myself a social butterfly, but now I feel like a networking boss. 

Instagram is out, and LinkedIn is IN! I would recommend getting it because it is a useful networking tool, but if you are prone to social media addictions like me, do NOT get the app.

Rhiannon Dyment

Holy Cross '26

Rhiannon Dyment is a sophomore at Holy Cross. She is double majoring in English and Political Science with a concentration in Peace and Conflict Studies. Rhiannon wants to continue on to law school after graduation. Outside of HerCampus she is involved with the Holy Cross Admissions Office, Purple Key Society, Feminist Forum, and Pink Gloves Boxing. Rhiannon loves dogs, warm weather, acai bowls, and playing golf.