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Ideas and Tips for Group Costumes on a Whim

Starting school in September, it always seems like there’s so much time to organize and plan an iconic and put together costume with friends. Before you know it, October 31st is a week away and you haven’t put together, or maybe even thought, about a costume. If this is how you’re feeling right now, here are some helpful and easy tips to setting up a put together costume. 

1. Look for staple pieces in your closet 

Last year my friends and I spent a week trying to put together an avatar costume and nothing was coordinating. Last minute we decided we needed a new costume ASAP. After trying to brainstorm some ideas, it hit us — The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. As silly as that sounds, one of my friends had Grinch boxers and of course the other two of us had green and red clothes in our closet. We decided to work around those boxers and craft the roles of the Grinch, Cindy Loo Who, and “Christmas,” as we had Santa hats and a Christmas tree headband lying around. Do you have an iconic purple sweater? Perfect! Grab a friend and be Velma and Daphne! Do you own a lot of red or white? Be angels and devils. It is all about finding a piece of clothing you love and feel comfortable in and almost ANYTHING can be turned into a costume! 

2. Props and accessories

I find the hardest part about putting together a costume is not really the outfit, but the props you need to make it stick out. My friends and I collect the props we used for previous costumes and even costumes from before college. Because of this, coming up with costume ideas after looking at props makes it so much easier to pinpoint what exactly you can be. After you pick out an accessory or prop, it is much easier to coordinate your clothing around that. 

3. Have fun with your makeup

Putting together a costume on a whim may mean you are choosing from a limited selection of clothes and props. One way to make your costume stick out and pop is to try some fun makeup!! For example, if you are doing to be an angel and a devil and you only have a white and red dress, try doing red and white makeup. I always search my costume makeup trends on Pinterest because there are endless amounts of looks you can pull from that!

Easy Last minute costumes

Velma and Daphne

Purple sweater and skirt, orange sweater and skirt. Be creative with makeup and hair

 Angel and devil

Red dress, white dress. Makeup can be super fun with this one! 

CAt (or other animals!)

Black dress and animal ears. Makeup can be drawn on face to make more 

Princesses/mermaids etc.

Clothes can be simple but there are a lot of options for makeup and hair to make it fun and distinct!

Annie Jackowitz

Holy Cross '23

Class of 2023 Economics major with a concentration in gender & woman studies!
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