Finally: The Rules to True American, New Girl's Famous Drinking Game

As a New Girl enthusiast, I have watched the entire show multiple times. I have always dreamed about playing their famous drinking game True American. Unfortunately, the show never explains the rules outright - but my observation skills figured it out.

The game itself hinges upon the pop culture and history knowledge of the players. And, also, the floor is lava.

Materials and set-up: The game requires four or more players, couch cushions and chairs to navigate the floor of molten lava that lead toward the “castle”, and a table for the castle (a bottle of liquor surrounded by an army of beer cans). Each player will have a zone stationed somewhere in the path leading up to the castle.


Objective: Players must always have a beer in their hand. After all the beers have been removed from the castle, the first person to return to the castle and take a drink from the bottle of liquor wins.


To begin the game, the leader yells “one, two, three, JFK” and the other players yell “FDR” in response as they race to grab a beer from the castle and run to a zone. From there, movement depends on three minigames.

Complete a Quote - The player starts a quote from pop culture or history. The first to finish it moves two spaces.

The Count - The player starts a countdown. At the end of the countdown, each player holds up a number 1-5 on their forehead. If their number is unique to the rest of the group, they move that number of spaces. If not, the rest of the group can make up a rule for the remaining players

Commonalities - A player yells out two things, and the rest of the group yells out what they have in common. Move three spaces if you get this.


You will be eliminated from the game if you are caught with an empty beer can or without a beer. You are also eliminated if you step on the molten lava, obviously.