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Easy Ways to Decorate Your Dorm for the Holiday Season!

It’s time to start decorating! Since we only have around 4 weeks on campus before Christmas Break, it’s important to take full advantage of that time to make your dorm feel ready for the holiday season. All the things you need can be easily found somewhere as like Target or Walmart!

Candles (Don’t tell your RA about this one)

Holiday candles are the number one thing to get in the holiday spirit when away from home – even to have without lighting and just leaving the lid off to smell. I think the best scents to have around are those that smell like a Christmas tree or sugar cookies.

plaid pillows and blankets

The signature Christmas red plaid is a necessity to be around the room. The pop of color will immediately set the mood.

door decorations

Something as simple as a Santa hat hanging up works to spread that Christmas cheer and make your hallmates smile!

Christmas mug

Having some Christmas mugs for you and your roomie to make hot chocolate in is so cute when it gets cold. Christmas mugs are so cheap and affordable, whether thrifting them or hitting the dollar section at Target or Walmart.

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