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It is no secret that on Thanksgiving we eat until we have to unbutton our pants. We eat more sides than actual turkey and just when we think we’re done, the dessert comes along. But then, the food coma hits. You’re so stuffed and sluggish and it feels like the only way to overcome this is to pass out on the couch. Sure, it may be the tryptophan in the turkey making you tired but the pure volume of food, alcohol, and carbs consumed means that your body has to work harder to digest and releases enzymes and hormones that also influence the tired feeling. There is absolutely nothing wrong with indulging in the Thanksgiving goodies, and the discomfort that follows is totally worth it! After all, Thanksgiving only happens once a year! Here are some tips to prepare for and to cope with the coma!

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

I know this seems kind of counter-intuitive — if you are going to eat so much food later in the day, why should you eat breakfast? Well, if you go all day without eating anything chances are you are going to eat WAY too much at the Thanksgiving meal, but if you already have some food in your system it could help with not going too crazy!

Get Those Steps In

Go for a run, a walk ,or just get any kind of exercise before the Thanksgiving meal. It’ll get your metabolism going and it makes room for those extra calories! However, don’t overlook the beauty of going for a walk AFTER you eat. Before you pass out on the couch, get your family together and all go for a stroll around the neighborhood. It’ll make you feel so much more relieved, can help with digestion and bloating, and you may not even need the nap when you get back!

Drink Water

Staying hydrated is super important in order to digest this overload of food. A symptom of dehydration is increased appetite — so making sure you are drinking water throughout the day will help you to not overeat. Drinking water also helps reduce bloating caused by salty foods, which the Thanksgiving table is full of. Have a glass of water with you throughout the day or even go with some herbal tea or warm lemon water to help you feel better!

Don’t Feel Guilty!!

Thanksgiving only happens once a year — you’re not going to have the homemade stuffing, Grandma’s mashed potatoes, and all the delicious desserts for a long time! So go for it, indulge, and do not feel guilty about it. If all else fails, just take that heavenly nap on the couch and when you wake up, cut yourself another slice of pie!

Fiona Willette

Holy Cross '24

Hi I’m Fiona Willette and I am a freshman at Holy Cross! I am from Stamford, Connecticut. In my free time I like to run, lift weights, water and snow ski and swim!
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