Best Outdoor Study Spots On Campus

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s more and more tempting to spend time outdoors. Don’t let work keep you from soaking in the sunshine and fresh air -- take advantage of our campus’ outdoor study spots!

  1. 1. Hoval

    If you prefer a social study session, then the Hoval is the place for you. It’s ideal for basking in the sun and people-watching. Grab your friends and spread out on the grass or snag one of the tables. Either way, you’re bound to get some much-needed social interaction if you’re hanging on the Hoval.

  2. 2. Dinand Porch

    Located outside Dinand and near the Hoval and Wheeler, the Dinand Porch is secretly my favorite outdoor spot on campus. It has a few tables that are secluded enough for silent study sessions, but also located on the path to Dinand which offers a little social interaction with passersby. Most importantly, the sun always shines over this spot.

  3. 3. Memorial Plaza

    Memorial Plaza is arguably the most beautiful spot on this beautiful campus. It has plenty of seating and tables, and is home to a gorgeous fountain that was meant to be snapped for an Instagram story.

Check out these spots or look for your own special outdoor study space. Happy Spring!