Best Dining Hall Grabs

Being at college during COVID means that all food is either boxed in front of you to your choice, or pre-boxed and ready for you to grab. It is so easy to take your leftovers with you or grab things for meals and snacks later on! Rather than throwing away what you don’t eat or going out and buying your own snacks, take advantage of it all being boxed and being able to take as much as you want!

  1. 1. Fruit Bar

    Fill any size container with fruit of your choice, and grab some yogurts, granola or chia pudding to make yourself a delicious parfait for breakfast. Or you could have a fruit plate as a mid-afternoon snack!

  2. 2. Salad Bar

    Our salad bar has the basic greens, veggies and dressings, but they also have grains, delicious pasta salads, bean salads, and sometimes even roasted sweet potato chunks! These are great to spice up your salads. You can make a grain bowl or even have the bean salad with some tortilla chips!  

  3. 3. Pre-Boxed Snacks and Meals

    At the salad and fruit bars, they also have pre-boxed fruit cups, veggie boxes with hummus AND ranch dressing, pre-made salads, grain bowls, and sometimes even ready-to heat-up meals or breakfast sandwiches. If you missed your favorite food for lunch or dinner the day before, or just want some more of it, sometimes they even have leftovers here the day after! These are awesome for meals or snacks on-the-go or if you’re in a time crunch.

  4. 4. Beverage Station

    The beverage station has some hidden gems! You can grab a soda or drink to go, milk containers, and coffee creamers which are great if you make your own coffee in your room. They have muffins or other pastries in the morning. Additionally, they have cereal that you can eat with milk or just snack on during the day and they have a variety of cookie packages. The best is the soft serve ice cream. Get some soft serve, pick your favorite cookie, cereal, or even fruit from the fruit bar and make yourself a little ice cream sundae!

  5. 5. Stir Fry Station

    One thing I have loved having this semester is the pre-boxed containers of brown rice by the stir fry. Sometimes I put this in a salad, throw some grilled chicken on it, some toppings and veggies and make myself a mock Chipotle bowl! These containers are also super easy to heat up in the microwave back in your room!