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The Best and Worst of “Grey’s Anatomy”

Coming from someone who has watched all seventeen seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, I have a pretty strong opinion on my favorite characters, seasons, and episodes. Although I do love every single season, there are definitely some that stand out to me. Here are my picks for my favorite season and my least favorite season.

I have rewatched every single season at least five times, but the one that stands out the most to me is Season Two. Season Two sticks out to me for a number of reasons. For starters, this is when we meet Addison Shepherd, Derek Shepherd’s secret wife. Derek struggles to pick between Meredith and his wife, which I think makes Meredith and Derek’s relationship stronger in the end. 

I also think Season Two is superior because this is the first time that you see all of the interns begin to really bond and start to acknowledge themselves as real friends, especially Meredith and Christina. Meredith and Christina’s friendship becomes iconic as the show goes on, and I really appreciate that this season gives you more insight on the beginnings of their relationship. 

My least favorite season thus far is unfortunately the current season, Season Seventeen. Season Seventeen just recently aired and there are a lot of things wrong with it. For starters, they decided to set this current season in the present, which means that the characters are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, I think that the pandemic has been a crucial part of our lives and should be noticed, but I also feel as though this season is a constant reminder of all the losses the entire world has faced rather than being an escape from reality. On top of that, Meredith is in a coma and all of the deceased characters are coming to her in a spiritual form. Seeing all of the old characters who have passed away is such a tease! I honestly wish they would just put them to rest. 

Yes, seventeen seasons is a lot to watch but this will forever be my all time favorite show and I would recommend it to anyone!

Maya Faich

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