Autumn Style: Zara Edition

With another year of school in full swing, there’s a lot to look forward to this autumn. Tailgates, apple picking, fall colors on The Hill… just to name a few. As the air becomes crisper, the days get shorter, and the sidewalks fill with a smattering of brightly colored, freshly fallen leaves, the desire for cozy and cute fall clothing increases exponentially. With this in mind, here are five fall-inspired pieces from Zara that will fabulous additions to your fall wardrobe and are all under $70. P.S. Click on the links above each picture to start shopping for that item immediately! 

#1. Printed Velvet Dress, Multicolored

Description: Velvet elevates everything to the next level, as evidenced in this piece. The dress, with its forest green and burnt orange floral pattern, paints a truly beautiful picture for all those who wear it.

Price: $70.00

#2. Flat Open Ankle Boots, Black

Description: These black ankle boots strike the perfect balance between classic and edgy as their silhouette and color pairs well with any outfit while the exposed ankle and silver buckle makes it totally appropriate to wear out.

Price: $50.00

#3. Double Breasted Jacket with Hood, Grey

Description: In essence, fall means one thing: COATS. Having that comfy yet stylish jacket is essential as the temperature drops, and this one with its hood, piped cuffs, slouchy silhouette, and sweater-like material hits all the right cords.

Price: $50.00

#4.  Contrasting Top with Topstitching, Navy blue

Description: While the navy alludes to a preppy aesthetic, the white piping on the sleeves and the stripes of tufting ensure this top is more cool than buttoned-up.

Price: $50.00

#5. Buttoned Mini Skirt

Description: This mini skirt combines plaid, grommets, and tweed to create a seriously chic and sexy skirt that can easily transition from class to a date in a matter of seconds. Truly a 10/10 in my book.

Price: $50.00