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Attitude is Everything: Tips On How To Be The Eternal Optimist

Putting your best foot forward starts the moment you wake up in the morning!  With a positive attitude and upbeat outlook on the day (and life!) you are far more likely to achieve wonderful things, bring joy to those around you, and ultimately, be a happier version of you!  Some ideas to brighten your morning & keep you optimistic throughout the day:

1. Tell yourself you are beautiful & you are capable. Do this every morning. Next step? Believe it.

2. List three things you are thankful for before you even get out of bed. They could be people who warm your heart, places you’ve travelled, guac, fuzzy socks, your Aunt’s cookie brownies, phone calls with your sister, your ability to shake what your mama gave you, anything!

3. Listen to your favorite artist while brushing your teeth- guaranteed to have those pearly whites grinning.

4. Eat a hearty, nutricious, delicious breakfast! Don’t think of the first (and most important!) meal of the day as a chore.  Set aside some time to fully enjoy your breakfast; yogurt, granola, and fruit accompanied by the latest issue of Glamour sounds like perfection.  A little “me” time before a busy day of classes is a great way to clear your mind & destress.

5. Keep your head up and eyes wide while walking to class.  Smile & say hello!  Spread positivity and warmth on campus.  You don’t need to be besties 4 the resties to spark up a quick convo before class.

6. Thank your Professor before leaving class. Their time is enriching your mind & that is a precious gift.

7. Spot a classmate at CB2 after class?  Compliment them on their insightful comments on Marxian theory. The text had been confusing you a bit & you appreciate their eye-opening perspective.

8. Ask that classmate to join you at Kimball for lunch. A budding friendship deserves to be watered & nourished.

9. Plan some time in the afternoon to really move your body; this doesn’t require you to clear your schedule for a rigorous three hour workout!  Grab that pair of lightweights gathering dust under your best & jam out to the Cardio playlist on Spotify instead!  Your body deserves time & love, too.

10. Treat yourself while you study in the evening hours.  Chai latte sounds divine!  Extra shot if it’s looking like a late night. Study, sip, and smile.

11. Call your parents.  Or your grandparents.  Or your stepsister.  Or your best friend whose 3546 miles away.   Ask them about how their interview went, how yoga class was, when their big competition is.  Listen to what they have to say.  Tell them how much you love & appreciate them.

12. Before you go to sleep, remind yourself of your beauty, your strength, and your worth.  

13. Give thanks for the beautiful day you experienced; everything may not have gone your way, but you still have so much to be grateful for.

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