Arianna Merullo '17


Name: Arianna Merullo

Year: Senior

Major: English

Campus Activities: Club Ice Hockey, Spoon University

Hometown: Lynnfield, MA


Pickup line: Do you have a map? Because I’m getting lost in your eyes.

Thing about HC: Chocolate frappes at Cool Beans

Drink of choice: Rose, all day

Go-to pregame song: "Piano Man"

Chick Flick: Does Gossip Girl count?


Relationship status: Single

Ideal date: A night at Takara

Deal maker:  A hybrid of Zac Efron and Tom Brady

Deal breaker: Can’t/won’t dance


Personal anthem: "Shake it Off"

Guilty pleasure: Pringles/ Hannah Montana/ any Italian food

Secret talent: I can catch Goldfish in my mouth.

Dream dinner party guests: Gigi & Bella Hadid, Guy Fieri, Taylor Swift, Robert DeNiro, Blair Waldorf, Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron, Barbra Streisand, Tom Brady (accompanied by Gisele), and Theresa Caputo– Long Island Medium.

HC bucket list: Get to the top of Fenwick clock tower.