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A Hot Take on Post Grad Life: Why Not Go Against the Grain?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

Post-Graduate life may be rapidly approaching the class of 2023, but despite that pressure, they don’t have to rush into corporate America just yet. Instead, I believe they should normalize the importance of travel, meeting new people, and experiencing cultures far different from American ones.

This opinion is certainly  a hot-take, as most students view moving overseas as solely a study abroad opportunity, rather than a sustainable lifestyle. Trust me; you will not miss out on the money or post-graduate social life, but rather will gain something more beautiful that you will carry forever.

As a senior in college weighing out my post-graduate options, I am just as undecided as most of you are probably feeling. It’s a hard decision to make, as jobs and graduate programs can determine your future city, housing arrangements, social life, and source of income. If only we could stay in college forever, right?

However, my view of the applications and uncertainties accompanying adulting changed dramatically since I experienced a different working culture/environment overseas. While abroad, I did more than just eat fantastic food, see unique architecture, and shop; I also had a journalism internship. This opportunity was amazing, not only for my career, but my scope of the professional world. I worked with women from all over the world, who attended universities in different countries and interned away from home for cultural exchanges. The way these professionals have seen and experienced all these different cultures is impressive, as reporting news in various languages and translations is a dream of mine.

The business world is daunting, especially in American culture. It is competitive, with every qualified post-graduate applying for the same position. However, choosing a less linear route should not be stigmatized as “lazy” or “unsuccessful.” Instead, it should be a decision that inspires others to see the world as less of a vacation spot and more of a learning experience. While American success is so commonly desired,  it does not hurt to take even a couple of months off from the stress. Whether it be to pursue a course, job, or travel location that would make you happy, you will gain more experience, and learn about new people and places. I say this confidently, as the skills that I was taught while abroad were lessons and experiences that would have never been learned if I had not learned them there.

Over the course of my senior year, I will be actively submitting applications for my peace of mind and to keep my options open, never neglecting an opportunity overseas. I am confident that my non-traditional view on post-grad life will shape who I am as a person, potential grad student, or qualified job candidate, wherever in the world that may be!

Gioia Guarino

Holy Cross '23

Bostonian, Creative