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5 Ways to Make a Friend’s Day

Cheesy as it may be, friends truly make your life that much richer, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling. While we all love our parents, siblings, and extended family members, there is just something uniquely special about the relationships you have with your friends. As Charlotte says to Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web, “You have been my friend. That in itself is a tremendous thing.” We here at Her Campus Holy Cross couldn’t have said it any better ourselves, so instead we have created a list of fun, little ways to remind your friends how much you appreciate them. Here’s to making their days!

1. Buy them a coffee, smoothie, tea, etc.  

Simple but effective. If your bestie is in class with you, surprise her/him with a smoothie guaranteed to keep her/him full and focused. If she/he is pulling an all-nighter in the lib, show up with a cup of coffee to ensure she/he is able to stay wide awake.

2. Send them a care package

Yes, this can apply to both your friends at Holy Cross and those all across the country. Back a box with yummy snacks— both healthy and junk food, their favorite movie or book, a handwritten note, and some fun add-ins such as nail polish, playing cards, gift cards, and a small stuffed animal. 

3. Bake them a special treat

Spend some time in the kitchen and whip up a batch of their favorite cookies, brownies, or bars. Put them in cute packaging, attach a note, and drop it off at their door/mailbox to ensure they receive a special surprise when they arrive home.

4. Create a photo-collage

Use those crafty skills of yours, and make a collage of all the photos of the two of you. You can either frame the collage or decoupage the photos on a canvas. Make sure to add some fun elements like: glitter glue outlining the photos and mementos such as tickets stubs from events you attended together. 

5. Host a spa day

The remedy for the week your friend is really feeling the stress— a spa day at school for the two of you. You can paint your nails, create a face mask, give each other back/shoulder/scalp massages, and sip on lemon and cucumber infused water. 

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Evan Grogan

Holy Cross

Evan Grogan is a senior at the College of the Holy Cross who is studying abroad for the year at the University of St Andrews. She is an English and Art History double major and eventually hopes to attend graduate school for journalism and write for The New York Times. When Evan is not busy with school and writing for both Holy Cross' newspaper and Her Campus, she loves to read; go for runs; and spend time with her friends. She is obsessed with the color navy, rainbow sprinkles, and anything involving glitter. 
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