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This spring semester, a friend and I joined Pink Gloves Boxing on a whim. Going into the program, we weren’t quite sure what  to expect, but now a solid month in with a few practices under my belt, I can confidently say that joining was one of the best decisions I’ve made in college. I’ve gained a new hobby, skills, and friendships from the class and had so, so much fun doing it. Here, I’m sharing my five favorite things about Pink Gloves Boxing (although there are many more), and I hope it may inspire you to join your own boxing or unconventional exercise class. 

  1. Physical Activity

Although it is labeled as “boxing,” we work out in many different ways. In addition to shadow boxing, we also box with people (not aggressively) and against bags. We also do a circuit each class with differing stations and exercises including ladders, push-ups, stretches, and other activities. Ultimately, the class is a great cardio workout and only an hour long so it easily fits into scheduling. 

  1. Class Structure

As I said, the class is not just boxing. For me, I need an engaging workout to actually be motivated and invested in the exercises that I’m doing, and the class gives me just that. The structure of the class makes it seem more like a fun game with a bunch of other like-minded girls, keeping me excited to come back each week. 

  1. Friendships 

Going into the class, I only knew one other friend. However, after going for a few weeks I have made new friends and connections who I look forward to seeing around campus and in class. The community of girls is so welcoming and inclusive, and we always have fun no matter what. 

  1. Mindset Building 

Besides training our bodies while boxing, we also train our minds. Each week we have an inspirational quote that we talk about, along with setting SMART goals for ourselves. The environment of the class is incredibly positive and supportive and cultivates healthy, positive mindsets to take beyond the gym.

  1. Punching things!!! 

To me, this one is self-explanatory; there is nearly nothing better than releasing all of your emotions after a long day than by knocking the s*** out of a punching bag. Whether you know how to box or not, I honestly cannot overstate the relief and catharsis of punching (reasonable) things– and besides, it’s always good to be reminded of your own strength and power!

Natalia Jacuch

Holy Cross '27

Natalia is a dedicated and ambitious first year student at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. From a young age, she has had a passion for creative writing and journalism, and she anticipates to declare an English major at the college in the spring. A New Hampshire native, she loves to spend time with her mom at the bay, go striper fishing, and go on adventures. She also enjoys making Taylor Swift friendship bracelets and playing card games with friends.