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5 Spotify Playlists for Every Girl’s Weekend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

Whether it’s Friday afternoon and you’re finally back in your dorm after a grueling week of classes, or it’s Sunday morning and you’re lying in bed recovering from last night with your roommate, the perfect playlist is a necessity. With this in mind I’ve cited five public playlists on Spotify (mostly made by me and my friends) to get all of us through these crazy weekends.

1. “Your Girl’s Tour” by Declan Cronin

This is the longest playlist on the list with an eclectic mix of songs for a multitude of moods and situations. Play it whenever— on a run off campus or in the car on the way to Dunks.

“It’s a little bit of everything.  Everyone can find one thing they like on it… probably because it would take you 81 hours to listen to.”— Declan 

2.  “Morg” by Anne Dunster

Anne’s playlist is a go-to if you’re looking for a compellation of energizing songs for a Friday night.   

“Pretty much songs that make girls get on elevated surfaces”— Anne 

3. “90s-2000s” by Declan Cronin

This one is for the old school, throwback, sing-along girl in all of us. I’m everyone can relate on the basis of a shared love for oldies. This is for when you’re hanging in a dorm room with friends. 

“It’s not so much a playlist as it is a work of genius.”— Declan

4. “pre pre game” by Devyn Alicia

“It’s a collaboration between any and all of my friends, and a song is only good enough to be on it if it makes us want to dance. ”— Devyn  

5. “Fall” by Emily Loprete

With a few country pieces mixed in with some of this month’s top hits, Em’s playlist has everything you’re looking for to brighten your Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Lilly Pochintesta is a sophomore at the College of the Holy Cross. She is majoring in Political Science and Italian and plans to study abroad next year, possibly at the Università di Firenze. Her hometown is Greenwich, CT, which, along with Holy Cross, is one of her favorite places to be. Time well spent for her includes reading (favorite book The Nightingale), watching the Office, and hanging out with her friends and sisters.
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Evan Grogan

Holy Cross

Evan Grogan is a senior at the College of the Holy Cross who is studying abroad for the year at the University of St Andrews. She is an English and Art History double major and eventually hopes to attend graduate school for journalism and write for The New York Times. When Evan is not busy with school and writing for both Holy Cross' newspaper and Her Campus, she loves to read; go for runs; and spend time with her friends. She is obsessed with the color navy, rainbow sprinkles, and anything involving glitter.