5 Romance Movies on Netflix Right Now

Need something to watch to get you in the V-Day mood? Look no further than this carefully curated list of romance movies on Netflix right now.

  1. 1. “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”

    A classic, adorable teen Rom-Com. Perfect to tide you over until the recently announced “The Summer I Turned Pretty” series is released.

  2. 2. "About Time"

    I’ve definitely included this film on another must-watch list, but that won’t stop me from adding it to this one either. It’s a love story about romance, but also about family. You’ll definitely be crying by the end, so make sure you have waterproof mascara and a box of tissues.

  3. 3. "A Walk to Remember"

    Speaking of waterproof mascara and tissues, this movie may be the most underrated Nicholas Sparks adaptation. The leads are perfectly cast and their connection is undeniable. Prepare to swoon over Landon.

  4. 4. "50 First Dates"

    A movie night with a sweet story about true love starring Drew Barrymore? Count me in.

  5. 5. "Something Great"

    I don’t want to say too much and risk your watching experience, so I’ll just leave you with this: Taylor Swift’s iconic, heartbreaking song “Death by a Thousand Cuts” was inspired by this movie.