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5 Reasons Why You should Ditch Coffee and Drink Tea

  1. Same Energy Boost without the CrashTea contains the same amount of caffeine as coffee for that extra boost of energy that we all need sometimes. Realistically, the energy that tea gives you lasts much longer than coffee. While coffee can perk you up, it also comes with a big drop in energy known as a coffee crash. Drinking tea, on the other hand, won’t make you hit a caffeine wall. 
  2. Tea Costs LessFor all of us college students on a budget, getting coffee every day can certainly add up. Instead of spending all of your dining dollars at cool beans, make tea in your dorm room. If you don’t have an electric kettle, ask for a cup of hot water at Cool Beans and bring your own tea bag…it’s free!
  3. It Boosts your Immune SystemDrinking tea regularly has been shown to strengthen your immune system over time. Stop catching every illness, and start sipping on tea! 
  4. Tea Can Help you Maintain your WeightIn particular, green tea boosts your metabolism to keep you feeling good and looking good! This is an excellent alternative to coffee, which can be fattening with all of the added cream and sugar that makes it taste good. Tea already tastes great and adding a little bit of honey also has a lot of health benefits.
  5. It’s a Great Stress-RelieverAre you bugging out over final papers and exams? Tea has been known to work as an antidepressant, so it will give you the much-needed willpower to get through your work. So, breath in the aroma of your tea, keep calm, and carry on.
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