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5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Procrastinators

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Holy Cross chapter.

I am guilty of using the following costumes, despite them being somewhat basic and simple. But hey, a basic costume is better than no costume at all. If you find yourself in a pinch or just simply pushed off picking your Halloween costume until 2 hours before, here’s a list of some of my go-tos! 


Throwing on colorful leggings, your winter jacket, a bright top or sports bra, fluffy hat, and ski goggles if you have them, completes this simple yet festive costume. This can be an adorable group costume and only requires things that most people have in their wardrobe! 


The classic tourist costume is a go-to for anyone with a Hawaiian shirt in their closet! With a quick stop to Party City to grab binoculars or a bucket hat, the outfit is complete. You can even spice it up with high socks and sandals, or a lei if you have one.

Football Player

Dressing up as a football player is probably the easiest last minute costume. If you don’t own a football jersey, don’t worry — someone on your floor definitely has one. Pair it with two French braids, black shorts or leggings, and face paint! This is such a safe costume for Halloweekend… as long as you’re wearing a Pats jersey!

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter is such an easy costume and can be super cute. As long as you have some sort of a blue button up and a red head scarf or bandana, you can style the rest any way you’d like. Although it seems a little plain, it is so easy to put together if you’re in a time crunch!


One of my personal favorites, a cowgirl costume is also very simple. Just like the football jersey, someone on your floor is bound to have a cowboy hat or boots (for some reason a lot of people own them)! With this, throw on a flannel of any kind, put your hair in two braids, and you’re set to go! Plus, you can always tell people you’re Jessie from “Toy Story” if you want to seem a little more creative – they’ll never know!

Charlotte Keane

Holy Cross '24

Charlotte currently a senior Holy Cross who is a co-correspondent of HerCampus for 2023. She is from Connecticut and can't wait to make her mark and contribution to HerCampus HQ her senior year!