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5 Best Songs from Meghan Trainor’s Debut Album

In early January Meghan Trainor released her first full-length studio album, and ever since I got back to school, it’s all I can listen to. Whether I’m walking to class, studying in Dinand, or even relaxing in my room I just can’t get enough of it.

Meghan earned our attention last year when “All About that Bass” and “Lips Are Movin” were playing on the radio everywhere we went. After listening to the rest of her album, I’m not only completely obsessed with how catchy all her tunes are, but I’m also extremely impressed by the talent of this 21-year-old pop singer.

The absolute must-listen songs from Title include:

  1. “3am”:3am is one of the softer ballads on the album, but the lyrics are extremely relatable with verses like “Kinda stressing like I’m gonna have a heart attack, It’s been an hour and you haven’t even hit me back”, and “I might be looking for a late night friend and, baby, I can’t get you out my head.” 
  2. “Walkashame”:A little more upbeat and extremely catchy, Walkashame describes hook up scenarios that every college girl has gone through. Absolutely. Love. 
  3. “No Good for You”:Opening with the line, “You never take your time with your girls no more, always with your new boy,” No Good for You describes what it’s like when you disapprove of your bff’s new bf.  
  4. “My Selfish Heart”:One of my personal favorites, My Selfish Heart is a confessional on par with all of TSwift’s apologetic power ballads.  
  5. “Credit”:Every girl knows how hard it is to see that your ex has moved on to a new girlfriend, but Meghan brings humor to that situation in describing her responsibility for her ex’s new and improved look. Credit begins by saying “It’s not that I want him back, ain’t trying to be mean, but I bought him brand new clothes and burned his skinny jeans, and she’ll never know that I made him better for her.” My favorite to listen to at the gym.

For those of us that are still completely consumed by Taylor Swift’s 1989 but are ready for a new set of songs to obsess over, Title is the way to go.

Sophomore and History and English double major at the College of the Holy Cross
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