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4 Movies You must Watch this Halloween Season on the Hill

Halloween is quickly approaching, and if you haven’t had the time to catch up on the perfect Halloween movies, here’s your chance!

  1. Hocus PocusWho is not in love with this Disney classic? If you haven’t seen the film (I’d be surprised), you should check it out! As a true epitome of the early 90’s, the movie tells the tale of three witch sisters who are brought back from the dead by a group of  teenagers. I won’t give much more away, but if your heart does not break for Binx, then I don’t know who you are. As a side note, did you know part of the movie was filmed in Salem (only 20 minutes from home, in my case, and a luxury I don’t nearly indulge in enough)? So, as part of your fall/Halloween bucket list, you should definitely check out Salem, especially if you’re not from Massachusetts! It’s a great time to explore the city, see all the witch related sites, partake in the haunted houses, and have great food with your friends!
  2. HalloweentownI know, another Disney Channel movie, but my childhood would not have been the same without a little Disney in it. Anyway, Halloweentown is hands down one of the few movies I can watch over and over again and never get tired of. It’s a perfect time to reminisce on childhood, and it’s still fun for the whole family. I’m sure most of us girls wished we were Marnie for a day and had a witch for a grandmother. Beware though, the sequels just aren’t as good as the original, so stick to the first one and you’ll be set!
  3. Nightmare Before ChristmasA little bit of Christmas and a little bit of Halloween (a perfect combination), plus it’s produced by Tim Burton so what more could you want in an animated film?! With a bunch of wacky characters, singing, and romance it’s the perfect mixture of the darker version of a rom-com.
  4. The ConjuringThis one is for those who actually enjoy scary movies, and I mean enjoy as in your eyes are only partially covered with one hand. It’s a little long (a little over two hours), but well worth the time! Jumpy scenes and subtle scares, plus it’s about ghosts and demons, two of the more darker and more frightening concepts in the horror genre, make this movie perfect for a little date night when it’s raining or with your girlfriends with plenty of popcorn and candy corn to go around.
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