4 Guys

Following up on last year's campus cutie group, “The Crew”, this intriguing group of juniors on the football team has a lot to offer, and a lot of free time. Mark, Zane, Jimmy, and Luke, started an Instagram account called 4_guys_abroad, creating some humor over the fact that they were unable to go abroad. Definitely follow for a good laugh!  In addition to social media, the quartet enjoys playing large amounts of Call of Duty, hanging with growing-larger-by-the-day snake friend Onyx, and eating large portions of Chipotle.  Feel free to call these guys out for their absurd answers or introduce yourself if you see them on campus!



Mark, Zane, Luke and Jimmy (All Single)



M: Mark Joseph McGuire


Z: Zane Timothy Wasp

J: James Mark Murray

L: Luke Joseph Ford




M: Economics

Z: History

J: Econ major, Chinese minor

L: Econ major, Art History minor




M: Woburn, MA ("Dirty Woo")

Z: Port Washington, NY

J: Wilmett, IL

L: Glenview, IL


Relationship Status:


(Single, no comments)






Favorite Pump-Up Song:


M: Gravity by John Mayer

Z: Levels by Avicii

J: Turn Me On by Kevin Lyttle

L: Unlock the Swag by Rae Sremmurd


Favorite Quote:

M: Anything Dean Doe says

Z: “I could feel his muscle tissue collapse under my force. It’s ludicrous these mortals even attempt to enter realm” - Mike Tyson

J: “It’s Brittany b*tch” - Michael Scott (The Office)

L: “I’ve been involved in a number of cults both as a leader and a follower you have more fun as a follower but you make more money as a leader” - Creed Bratton (The Office)




All-Time Favorite Movie:

M: Gladiator

Z: Lord of the Rings: Two Towers

J: Billy Madison, I watched it tonight

L: Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back


Dream Job?


M: Making money and not doing anything

Z: I’m trying to think of something funny…rap mogul

*MOGUL: someone who just dominates a certain industry*

J: Playin in the league

L: Whatever DJ Khaled is


Celebrity Girl-Crush?


M: Susan Boyle

Z: Susan B Anthony, social equality turns me on

J: I’m real keen on that Anna Kendrick girl

L: Hillary Clinton, she takes no prisoners


Guilty Pleasure:


M: Listening to 2000’s R&B , J. Holiday alone in my room…jk sneaking by sis in Kimball

Z: Stalking people on social media, and photo shop

J: Crying while no ones watching

L: Listening to Kacey Musgraves


If you could live in a foreign country where would it be?


M: Spain

Z: Probably Syria to prove that I am a master of survival

J: I went to Canada one time, it was dope, I would live in Canada

L: Mongolia


Holy Cross


Favorite class taken at Holy Cross:


M: Genocide and Mass Killings with Professor Anderson

Z: Intro to Music with Memet Sanlikol

J: Creative Writing with Leilia Philip

  ~Was she pretty?~

            J: Yeah

L: Meaning of Birth, it was like the Miracle of Life on steroids


Stuck on an island forEVER, what 3 things could you survive off of?


M: A copy of Lord of the Flies, a cold stele matte black Grate Sword, and Onyx

Z: Probably like a squat rack? Just kidding Mark, Jimmy and Luke <3

J: An AK47 with pre-loaded ammunition, a George Foreman grille, and a jukebox

L: Just a motorcycle


Favorite HC memory:


M: More like favorite Holy Cross DON’T remember anything. Snowpocalypse 2015

Z: *Zane stares into the distance and worries that he hasn’t amassed to anything in his 3 years here*

J: Going on the roof of Stein freshman year during spring weekend

L: Jimmy eating 3 big macs in one sitting


Favorite dorm:

M: Healy 1

Z: Clark Beach

J: Figge for sure

            *Doesn’t live in Figge*

L: Healy


Something on your HC Bucket list:


M: Go out for a beer with a professor

Z: Successfully staying awake for 48 hours

J: Flip over a maintenance smart car

L: Investigating the O’Kane exorcist room




Ideal date:


M: Playing pool in Hogan and then smoothies

Z: Lord of the Rings and chill

J: Indoor Edge

L: 50 yard line of Fitton Field with the “baddest” cheerleader




M: Stinky Feet, if you stink I don’t like you

Z: Gross Hair

J: Bad teeth

L: Girls that end every word in –uhh, ex: “Lukee-uhhhh, so ruuude-uhhh”




M: If they’re a Pub Rat

Z: Pulse

J: Pretty eyes

L: Girls who can eat


Biggest pet peeves:


M: Loud eaters

Z: People who don’t follow back

J: Stubborn people

L: People stealing turkey burgers in Kimball




Late night snack:


M: Double stuffed Oreos and whole lactaid (lactose free whole milk)

Z: I do have a supply of Jolly Rancher Chews in my room, or when I fell asleep watching my high school highlight reel eating Cheez Its

J: Poptarts, all flavors

L: Big League Chew


Go-to meal at Croads:


M: steak n cheese sub with peppers and onions

Z: Buffalo Chicken Hero

M: it’s a sub don’t be an asshole

J: don’t rub your New York nose in this Zane

J: A “flatbread”, buffalo chicken bacon and ranch

L: Triple Decker


Favorite scent:


M: New sneakers

Z: Gasoline

J: Burnt tires, fast cars and loud guitars baby

L: Her Campus readers’ hair


Beverage of choice:


M: Turkey burger grease…

Z: The tears of my enemies

J: I like Fanta a lot. But the big smoothies they sell in the general store are good too

L: Stir Fry juice


Favorite spot on campus:


M: Wherever the outdoor edge is

Z: 4th floor bathroom in Fenwick

J: 2nd floor Hogan couches

L: Hagrid’s hut next to the greenhouse


Holy Cross Claim to Fame:


M: Being the owner of Onyx

Z: When people mistake me for Peter Pujals, and being Big Rob’s roommate

J: Big Jim

L: “Having the baddest b*tch in the game, wearing my chain”