3 Ways to Organize Your Life

Welcome to the start of a new semester! The first few days of classes always leave me feeling confused, unprepared, unorganized, and stressed. Here are three easy tips for getting your stuff together … literally. 

  1. 1. Buy a Calendar

    Don’t get me wrong, Gcal rocks, but a printed, physical calendar is a lifesaver. Maybe it has something to do with the connection between writing things down and remembering them or maybe it’s just because it’s rewarding to cross off the days as they pass. Either way, a tangible calendar is a must-have.


  2. 2. Label, Label, Label

    I love labeling things, both because it helps keep me organized and because I’m a serial doodler and labeling satisfies those urges. I have separate notebooks for each class and write the course name on each one, making it easy to find the right one when you’re rushing to class. 

  3. 3. Make a To-Do List

    One of my roommates makes a comprehensive to-do list every morning in order to keep herself organized. She puts everything on it, even showers and workouts, because it keeps her accountable, and she loves the satisfaction of crossing items off. There is no better feeling than getting things done and acknowledging your work!


Hopefully, these easy tips will help you feel less stressed and more put together.