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With the VMAs and the Met Gala occurring back to back, this past week has been nothing short of excitement for the entertainment world. Like every year, these events call for iconic fashion statements, and Megan Fox’s VMAs appearance, alongside Machine Gun Kelly, was a showstopper. Not only did the Jennifer’s Body star look stunning in her Mugler dress, but she also defies the stigma around women exposing their bodies.

From their first debut as a couple, Megan Fox and MGK have received constant criticism on the internet, varying from internet trolls commenting on the couple’s age difference or their outfit coordination choices.

This instance was no different. In an interview that the couple did on the carpet, Fox drops that her outfit was MGK’s idea. Of course, within a couple hours, TikToks of this clip began circulating, with people questioning how she could wear this as a mother and calling her “cringey”. The underlying misogyny in these comments are telling of the unrealistic expectations we have for women and how they have persisted over the years despite feminist narratives and movements being so prevalent today. Why does a woman have to “cover up” after a certain age? It is no mystery that the actress’ style has had a significant shift since dating the rock star, but if she is content and confident with the way she looks, why is there so much backlash? 

Megan Fox has made it clear that she does not plan on wearing conservative clothing anytime soon, and her independence and empowerment is nothing short of inspiring for other women. Although this outfit was influenced by MGK, Fox has her own narrative behind her fashion statements and she is not afraid to communicate them. Plus, without appearances from hot couples like Megan and MGK, these award shows would definitely be way less entertaining. Her appearance at the VMAs fell nothing short of iconic, and I’m just excited to see what she does next! 

Larissa Nunes

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Hi everyone! My name is Larissa Nunes and I am originally from Framingham, MA, but I also have family and spent some of my childhood in Brazil. I plan to major in the humanities on a pre-law track because writing and journaling have always been one of my favorite things to do. In addition to that, I was also a ballet dancer for 11 years. I enjoy talking about politics as well as fashion and lifestyle. I have a wide array of passions, so writing for Her Campus is the perfect way to express myself while appealing to different interests and types of people!
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