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16 Signs You’re Staying in Tonight

  1. The thought of going out seems less and less exciting and more and more like a chore.
  2. You just put an extra winter blanket on your bed, and it just looks so warm and comfortable.
  3. We all know we go to a relatively small school, but the trek off campus sometimes feels like a marathon.
  4. You’re bff has agreed to stay in with you.
  5. Gilmore Girls is on Netflix.
  6. You’re whole life is on Netflix.
  7. You’re thinking about marrying Netflix.
  8. A hot chocolate sounds way more enticing than jungle juice.  
  9. You’ve run out of clothes.
  10. You’ve seriously contemplating wearing sweatpants and a parka out.
  11. Tapingo makes getting Crossroads just that much easier…
  12. You’re just too lazy.
  13. You’re sick of everyone besides your stuffed animals.
  14. You’re running out of money.
  15. You’re running out of patience with the bouncer at Leitrems.
  16. Did I mention that it’s cold?
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