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Fall is the perfect time to cozy up with a mug of tea and sit by the window reading while you watch the leaves fall. Yet, finding a good fallish book can be hard, as there are significantly less options then, say, summer books. The last thing you want to do is spend hours looking for the perfect fall book, so I compiled a list of fall-ish books for every type of reader.

Academia/ Dark Academia

1. Truly Devious

By Maureen Johnson

Set in Vermont at a private school, it sounds like a typical New England Fall read, except for the fact that there is a murder at the school. Our main character, Stevie, is set on solving this year’s old case of kidnapping and murder. The academy is full of games and riddles, with twists at every corner. Will Stevie find out who did it or will she get hurt along the way? (This is the first in a series of 4)

2. Ace of Spades

By Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

            This novel is also set at a private academy. An anonymous person, named Aces, is exposing students’ darkest secrets. The students try to fight against it as things start to become deadly, and more secrets are exposed. This book had amazing representation as the main characters fought back against racism in their school. Also, did I mention there is a strong, badass, female lead?

3. People Like Us

By Dana Mele

            This is my final book about an elite private school, I promise. The main character, Kay, has many dark secrets from her past, and when a girl winds up dead on campus, someone threatens to spill them all. There have been multiple clues left for Kay by this seemingly dead girl, and she has to solve the mystery before time runs out. Kay gets betrayed over and over as she tries to figure out who she can trust with the knowledge that a dead girl chose her to solve her death.

Fantasy but Make it Witchy

4. Kingdom of The Wicked

By Kerri Maniscalco

            Two sisters live as witches in secret among humans, but when one is brutally murdered, the other is on a path for revenge. She teams up with the prince of Hell to find out who committed the crime and hunt them down. Along the way, they find out more than they were ever expecting.

5. The Once and Future Witches

By Alix E. Harrow

            A fantasy novel, about witches, set in Salem – say less! Two sisters fight for witches’ rights and join a suffragist movement. They fight to get their magic back because there are no such things as witches any more, but there will be soon.

6. Truthwitch

By Susan Dennard

            This book is not about your normal witches with spells, cauldrons, and charms. Instead, it follows a witch who can see the truth in everything, and eventually,  she and her friend are in danger. Nobody in their village knows they’re witches, because if they did, they would be hunted down and killed. Not to mention, there are pirates in this book too!


7. The Ex Hex

Erin Sterling

            After a breakup, a hurt witch, Vivi, casts a hex on the guy who just broke her heart. She wasn’t planning to cause him any harm, just annoy him a little. Years later when they see eachother again, Vivi realizes that maybe the hex was much more powerful than she ever intended. The two must work together before it goes too far and the hexed ex winds up hurt, or worse.

8. Fangirl

By Rainbow Rowell

This book isn’t based completely in fall, it spans throughout most of the school year, but it definitely gives fall vibes. Fangirl is a coming of age story about Cath who has always lived her life as part of a duo with her twin. Yet, as college starts for them she realizes who she can be by herself. There is a large portion of this book that focuses on the transition as a college freshman, and is a great read for those going through a similar transition.

9. Pumpkin Everything

By Beth Labonte

            This book perfectly captures the feeling of fall in between its pages. The main character is a horror writer but is suffering from writer’s block after calling off her perfect fall wedding. As if things weren’t already bad enough for her, she has to move back to her small hometown to take care of her Grandfather. The town is perfectly set near the White Mountains in New Hampshire where the leaves change to the perfect color. I don’t know how it could get any more fall than this, but to make it better, there is a second chance romance, with the main character’s childhood friend. 


10. The Night Country

By Stewart O’Nan

            On one Halloween night, five teenagers get into a car but only two make it out alive. The teenagers get into a horrific car crash that leaves three dead, one with severe brain damage, and one completely unharmed. The teen who made it out fine struggles to deal with what happened, and the boy who suffered brain damage seems to be a completely different person than he was before.One year after the crash, the three dead come back as ghosts to finish some mission. Will they be able to achieve their mission before someone else completes a plan to cause even more damage?

11. Kill Creek

By Scott Thomas

            Four horror writers are invited to stay over Halloween night at Finch House, an abandoned house with a dark past. Some are reluctant to accept, but nothing really bad could happen, right?The night quickly turns sinister as the four writers must fight to survive. The entity in Finch House has awakened, and it doesn’t plan to be put back down.

12. The Halloween Store and Other Tales of All Hallows’ Eve

By Ronald Kelly

            This book is a compilation of nine short stories mostly set on Halloween. With so many different stories everyone is sure to find something they like. They range from pacts with the devil, to creepy clowns, to Jack the Ripper in America. They are all creepy and horrifying in their own way. If you are looking for short horror stories, this is the book for you.

            While there are plenty more, these are my top 12 fall-ish books for every type of reader. Hopefully you can find something from the list that sparks your interest. Happy Reading!

Callie Gillan

Holy Cross '26

Callie is a current sophomore at Holy Cross and is studying Political Science and Psychology. In her free time she loves reading, trying new coffee places and going to the beach.