Spring Break on a Budget

If you're like most college students, you struggle with having fun on spring break on a budget. It can be difficult to keep up with your friends in spending or find things that everyone can do that fits within thier financial means. However, oftentimes there are ways to do awesome things for less. It's not unsual for stores and other organizations to have student discounts. Of course, it's usually necessary to have your student ID on you to prove that you are a student, but it's a good option to have. Seventeen reports a number of stores with student discounts including Charlotte Russe, AMC Theatres, Amtrak, and Buffalo Wild Wings. 

Even with discounts, some experiences and items are still too expensive for a college student. That said, there are plenty of free opportunities in most areas. While you'll still have to pay for gas -- unless you've got a friend who's willing to pay for gas themselves -- there are lots of places that don't cost anything at all. Check out playgrounds, hiking trails, and beaches for some budget-effective fun. Some organizations even offer free promotions and all you have to do is be on the look out for them. A couple of us headed to the local ice cream shop, Brusters, for free ice cream today. The only catch was we had to show up in pajamas!

Ah, the sweet taste of free food!