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Sarah Gornall ’13

Full Name:  Sarah Gornall
Class Year:  Junior
Major/Minor:  Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Concentration in Chemistry
Dream Job:  Veterinarian
Favorite Color:  Sunshine yellow 
Favorite Holiday Movie/TV Special:  ELF
Favorite Winter Fashion Accessory:  Scarves.  They’re practical and they come in so many colors!
Favorite Thing about Hollins:  The relationship students are able to develop with their professors.  Small class sizes mean you get to know everyone better, and I think that makes us really stand out from other colleges.
How do you survive finals week?  Are you doing anything different this year as compared to previous years?  Energy drinks, coffee, and lots of Sheetz runs!   It also helps to be able to have friends around to enjoy a good laugh.  Even if it is about how much I think my life sucks at that moment…
Do you have anything special planned to do over Winter Break? I’m going to spend some much needed time at the barn and then I’m going to intern with an equine vet over J-term.  You now, just living the dream.
What are you most looking forward to next semester? No Friday classes!!  I never thought I would EVER say that as a Biology major!

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