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Important Life Lessons Celebrities Have Taught Us This Week

There is a reason we constantly check out the gossip blogs and religiously refresh our twitter pages. It’s because we never know when a celebrity is going to do something crazy…that we can learn from. From what to wear (condoms are a good idea) to when to wed (you should probably be in love), here are some important life lessons that the rich and the famous have taught us this week: 

This week teen superstar Justin Bieber saw the face of his son for the first time…on the cover of Star Magazine. On Monday, Mariah Yeater filed a lawsuit against Bieber who she claims is the father of her 3-month-old son. Their child was conceived during a back-stage bathroom tryst after one of Bieber’s concerts, during which the pop singer allegedly refused to use a condom because “it was his first time [and] he wanted to feel everything.” Since his wholesome all American image is being drawn into question, Beiber has been fighting back in full force. This morning on The Today Show, he flat out denied ever having met Yeater. Whether or not it turns out to be true, this scandal may keep parents from purchasing life-size cutouts of the Biebs for their preteen daughters. How could this situation have been avoided and what can we learn from it?
Life Lesson #1: Always use protection. 

If you’re following the trials and tribulations of Lindsay Lohan you know that she is facing jail time for failing to follow through on her community service projects, most recently a gig as a morgue custodian. If you haven’t been following Lohan’s life, get on the internet and educate yourself.
In between showing up for probation and not showing up for probation, Lindsay posed for a playboy spread for which she has received roughly a million dollars.
Although Lohan was supposed to start her jail sentence this week, Hugh Hefner was so disappointed with her photos that she had to redo the entire shoot. TMZ reported that the Judge presiding over Lohan’s case is giving her an extra week before she starts her jail sentence to do so. In college, learning to accept feedback can give you extra time to work on an assignment. If you’re Lindsay Lohan, accepting feedback can get you extra time out of jail.
Life Lesson #2: Learn to accept criticism.
College students spend huge amounts of money to go to schools where we can learn about the things we love. After we graduate, the ideal future is one in which we can take what we love and turn it into a career and this week Kim Kardashian was caught living the dream. She took someone she loved –(presumably) ex-husband Kris Humphries –and found a way to turn that passion into revenue. Kardashian made over $18 million dollars from her wedding and 72 day marriage, the grand total reportedly including over $15 million from the E! Television special and another $3 million from the wedding photos. What can we take away from Kim’s experience?
Life Lesson #3: Take what you love and turn it into a career.  

Amber is a recent graduate from Hollins University. She greatly enjoyed her time as HC Hollins Editor-In-Chief and looks forward to seeing what great things new students bring to the branch. 
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