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Campus Cutie Conflict (Resolution)

Dear HC Hollins Readers,

Over the summer, we spent some time discussing ways to make this site more accessible. We listen to all the feedback we receive and we know that some of our readers feel put off by the beauty-biased implications of the “Campus Cutie” section. Hollins women are beautiful but we are
also intelligent, driven, and successful. In order to respect the multi-faceted nature of the diverse Hollins community, we have decided to shift the focus of “Campus Cutie” section from one that emphasizes  physical beauty to one that embraces moments of genuine cuteness.

In the future, we will be posting photos of our Hollins sisters thriving (or struggling) in their element and enjoying their time around campus. We’ll be looking for picture submissions featuring students goofing off, being silly, and ‘just doing you.’ We hope that the section will now act as a positive way for us Hollins ladies to share the good times we have with one another (and act as a wealth of material for 100th night). 

Check out our current Campus Cutie to get a feel for the new concept. As always, we want your feedback so post a comment and let us know what you think. We write each week for you and want you to love HC Hollins as much as we do.

HC Senior Editors 

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