Your Ultimate Recap of the 2018 Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Games have officially come to a close in PyeongChang, South Korea. Whether you were glued to your TV for the past two weeks or relied on social media to keep up with all of the wins, losses, and ~drama~, we’ve got you covered with an ultimate recap of the games!


Adam Rippon is officially our favorite person ever.

First things first, Rippon is one of the sassiest Olympians – if you aren’t following his Twitter, go change that. We’ll wait.

Not only is he ridiculously funny and endearing, his drive and determination are so inspiring. Read all about his journey to the Olympics here.

In addition to his crazy talent and perfect eyebrows, he’s one of the first openly gay Olympians to compete in the games. Can you say icon?! We’re crossing our fingers for more Adam Rippon in the 2022 Winter Games!

We’re all a little Canadian for Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

This iconic Canadian skating duo, who’ve been partners for 20 years, are now officially the most decorated ice dancing pair in Olympic history. At these games, they took home gold medals for the Team Event and Ice Dancing competitions. Not only are they insanely talented, the Internet is suspicious they’re insanely in love, too.

You can announce your love for each other at any time, Tessa and Scott!

The love triangles among Team USA’s ice skating team will have you ~shook~.

Ice skating is always one of the most dramatic winter sports, but Team USA has just as much drama off the ice as well. This year’s team is full of skaters who are currently dating, exes, and siblings. Crazy, right? Buzzfeed breaks down everything you need to know here.  

Curling is still as confusing as ever but Team USA won gold.

Does anyone actually understand how this sport works? The US Men’s team does, because they brought home our first gold in the sport. It’s a miracurl on ice, if you will.

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Shaun White won gold. Again.

Is anyone surprised? Team USA’s favorite red-headed snowboarder won his record-breaking third gold medal in the Men’s Halfpipe finals. Then Miley Cyrus got to hang out with him and his medal. Color us jealous.

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Gus Kenworthy may not have won a medal, but he’s still #1 in our hearts.

Kenworthy stole our hearts in Sochi in 2014 when he won the silver medal in the Men’s Freestyle Skiing competition and adopted abandoned Russian puppies. Unfortunately, Kenworthy suffered a broken thumb and a hematoma at the PyeongChang games this year, but even though he’s going home without any medals he’s still our favorite skier. He also shut down a Korean Dog Meat farm and we’re not crying, you are.

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Let’s also not forget the impact he and Rippon have as the first openly gay Olympians – from sassing trolls on Twitter to acting as role models for other LGBTQ athletes, we’re so proud to have these guys on Team USA.

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Chloe Kim is #relatable.

The 17-year-old US snowboarder is the youngest woman to win the gold medal for the Women’s Half Pipe finals – but she didn’t dare cry at the medal ceremony. Why? "I was trying so hard to hold the tears back, 'cause I was like, I can't cry right now, I can't do this, I worked so hard on my eyeliner,” she told Savannah Guthrie. We feel you, girl.

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Team USA’S Women’s Ice Hockey team slayed us all.

On the 38th anniversary of Miracle on Ice, the US Women’s hockey team ended a 20-year drought and won gold against Canada. The US and Canada have had one of the toughest rivalries in ice hockey history. They’ve gone back and forth for years vying for the gold medal, and the women’s team finally broke the 20-year streak by beating the Canadians in a shootout. Talk about a whole bunch of girl bosses.

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It’ll be four years until the Winter Olympics come back in Beijing. Until then, find us re-watching YouTube videos of Tessa and Scott and counting down the days until the Summer Olympics in 2020!