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Why You Should Visit The Disney Store in Times Square

What do you think of if someone were to ask you what you do in Times Square? You’d probably say see a Broadway show or go on a shopping spree – and you would be correct because there are hundreds of theaters and stores in the area open to guests. One of my favorite stores in Times Square is the Disney Store. I would say it is the happiest place in Times Square. If you have never visited the Times Square location before, it is something that you definitely don’t want to miss! Here’s why:

The Magical Cast Members

When guests enter the magical store, they are instantly greeted by an array of enthusiastic cast members offering compliments and welcoming them to the store. The cast members who work at the Disney Store are different than the employees who work at most other stores. The cast members go out of their way to make sure that you have a good experience while shopping or browsing and do not leave unhappy. Whenever I visit the store and am looking at the merchandise, there is always at least one cast member who approaches me with a giant smile and asks if I need any help or if I am looking for any specific item.

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The Plush Toys/Dolls

No matter how old I get, I always still love looking at stuffed animals and dolls (especially when they’re modeled after my favorite Disney characters and/or princesses). One of my favorite Disney characters is Flynn Rider. On my most recent visit to the Disney Store, I really wanted to see if they carried a Flynn Rider doll. I was not sure if they even made them, but I asked a cast member anyway. She automatically knew what I was talking about and it turns out that an entire shelf full of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider dolls were directly behind the spot where we were talking. The Disney Store is guaranteed to have the toy or doll you’re dreaming of getting.

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The Overall Atmosphere

In my opinion, there is no happier place in Times Square than the Disney Store. Filled with locals and tourists from all over the world, everyone is happy to be visiting the store. Seeing the smiling faces of children and adults when they step away from reality for a few minutes to experience some magic is one of the most heartwarming feelings. The endless Disney tunes that play throughout the store call for a fun time. I would stay in the store all day just to listen to the music if I could. In addition, the store is extremely big and encompasses two floors. I love that Disney adds some hidden characters and Disney details throughout the store such as the lanterns from Tangled placed above the escalators as well as the mirrors that magically display princesses when one stands in front of it. I would highly recommend visiting this store if you haven’t yet!

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