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Why You Should Be Subscribed to IPSY

Anyone who knows me knows I love anything related to makeup. I always used to prefer shopping for my makeup in-store rather than online, but IPSY has changed my mind. IPSY came to life through makeup artist and beauty vlogger, Michelle Phan. Her unique tutorials and ways for people to express their true beauty are what paved the way for the Glam Bag. I’ve been a member of IPSY for more than a year, and I would recommend this subscription to anyone who loves makeup or anyone who wants to learn more about products and become more invested in the hobby. I started as a Glam Bag subscriber and after some time I switched to the Glam Bag Plus. IPSY is great for several reasons and here is why you should become a member!

3 Different Subscription Options

IPSY has three different options for receiving makeup. The most basic of the three is the Glam Bag. The Glam Bag gives subscribers five sample products and occasionally a full-size product. Next is the Glam Bag Plus. This option gives beauty lovers five full-size products each month. Lastly, is the Glam Bag Ultimate where people get 12 full-size products included in their box. Each subscription is great, just find the one that works best for your budget.

Cost Effective

Speaking of cost, subscribing to IPSY is a way to get makeup and products without breaking the bank. The Glam Bag is $12 a month, the Glam Bag Plus is $25, and the Glam Bag Ultimate comes in at $50. For the size and number of products given in each bag, the bag ends up paying for itself. 

Range of Products

IPSY isn’t just makeup products. While that is the main focus, subscribers can also opt for items such as hair care, nail polish, brushes and tools, as well as skincare products. The brand also is great at creating variety. There are things that are more well known or high end, as well as items that are more affordable. 


Like any subscription box, or in-store experience you should be able to make your bag more geared towards the products you actually want. IPSY has a huge quiz when you first become a member that helps you decide what will be in the bag each month. It asks about appearance, different beauty habits, colors you like, as well as items you would be more inclined to receive each month. After getting the box each month, IPSY also takes reviews for each product sent in the bag. This truly helps them garner the best beauty tools for each subscriber. 

IPSY has opened up my eyes to so many new products that I probably wouldn’t have tried on my own. Their range and versatility give me the opportunity to try new things and experiment with my makeup and skincare routines. I also love that it shows up to my door each month and I don’t have to go anywhere to get makeup I want. IPSY also allows for points, and the more points you get, the more rewards you will get. This is definitely something you want to add into your budget if you love makeup. 

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