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Why Fall Is The Best Season Ever

Fall is by far the best season of them all! The cozy weather, autumn foliage and comfy sweaters don’t lie. The season is filled with fun activities to do with your friends and holidays to spend with your loved ones. Enjoy this season and all it has to offer by going hiking down a scenic trail, pumpkin picking or baking a pie with your friends. Check out this fall bucket list for a full list of activities to do! 

The gorgeous autumn foliage is unbeatable. The most noticeable cue that fall has arrived is when the leaves begin to change colors and fall from the trees. It almost feels like you are driving through a painting with all of the gorgeous colors.

The cool crisp air that comes with fall makes the days more enjoyable. You can wearing cute sweaters and jackets to feel cozy. Not to mention finally being able to go outside without sweating to death.

Pumpkin carving, hayrides and apple picking are just a few amazing fall activities to do with friends and family. There are also fall festivals, spooky fairs, corn mazes, and football games to attend. The possibilities are endless during the cooler spooky months.

It’s the start of cuddling season! As the nights get cooler and shorter, there is more time to spend indoors snuggled up with your S/O (or pet). No one will question why you’ve spent the night in bed because it is totally acceptable again.  

It’s bonfire and fireplace weather! Grab a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and cuddle up! The beautiful colors, warmth and coziness that a fire gives off makes for the picture perfect autumn night.

Soups, pies, stews, hot chocolate and other comfort foods are at an endless abundance to stuff your face with. Go ahead and start packing on the winter pounds, no one will judge you. We all enjoy our carbs with even more carbs.

Pumpkin spice foods are back! While there may be a few naysayers here, pumpkin spice foods are delicious. Specifically, pumpkin spice lattes are the bomb, hands down.  

Halloween. Bring on Freeform’s 13 Nights of Halloween, pumpkins, candy corn and costumes. The festive decorations add to the fall spirit. Halloween is the holiday that allows all of us to act like kids again! Who doesn’t enjoy eating an embarrassing amount of sweets and dressing up like your favorite character?

Yay for new clothes! Break out your fall wardrobe because chunky sweaters and boots are back in season. Autumn is the easiest to dress for because all you need to put together an adorable outfit is a pair of leggings and an oversized sweater. Needless to say it is also the comfiest season to dress for.

The best candle scents are fall candles. I wish my house could smell like a pumpkin caramel cupcake year round. End of story.

Thanksgiving. There is an entire holiday dedicated to being thankful, and eating as much as humanly possible. Mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, pies, corn and much much more. There are very few days where you can devote an entire day to eating and spending time with your loved ones.

Jessica is the Campus Correspondent and Editor-in-Chief of Hofstra University's Her Campus Chapter. Jessica, from New Jersey, is a journalism major and psychology minor at Hofstra University. As a dedicated member of her college's Her Campus chapter since her freshman year, she has held the role of staff writer, Snapshot editor, Secretary and now CC. Outside of Her Campus, Jessica's publications include JeannineMorris.com, TheCelebrityCafe.com, FashionWeek.com, The Hofstra Chronicle and the Long Island Report, where she is also a student editor. In her spare time Jessica enjoys being outdoors, camping and hiking, snowboarding in the winter, hitting the Jersey Shore beaches in the summer, working out and spending time with her friends, family, and pets. Check out her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog at http://Jessie-Leigh.com.
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