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Which Riverdale Character Should You Date Based On Your Personality?

After spending every Wednesday watching the cast of Riverdale fall in and out of love, it makes sense that you couldn’t help falling in love with the characters themselves! Archie’s laugh, Jughead’s smile, Cheryl’s passion – it’s hard ~NOT~ to fall in love with them. But, WHO on the cast of Riverdale should YOU date? Answer these next 10 questions and make sure to keep track of your A’s, B’s and C’s so that you can find out who is your Riverdale ~soulmate~


1. My friends would describe me as:

    A. Caring

    B. Quiet

    C. Passionate


2. In my free time, you can find me:

    A. Hanging out with friends

    B. Writing the next Nicholas Sparks novel

    C. Sharing the hottest selfie on Instagram


3. Your friend has just gotten broken up with by their S/O, you:

    A. Stay with them and comfort them until they feel better

    B. Find ways to make them laugh so they forget about the breakup

    C. Come up with a plan of revenge on the ex-S/O


4. If I could travel to a place in Europe, it would be:

    A. Ireland

    B. Amsterdam

    C. Paris


5. My favorite fall activity is:

    A. Going to a pumpkin patch/apple orchard

    B. Cuddling with a blanket and watching a movie

    C. Going to haunted houses


6. If I was having a problem with someone at school, I would:

    A. Ask my friends for help on the situation

    B. Not worry about it, things will resolve themselves

    C. Confront them about it


7. My favorite show to binge watch on Netflix is:

    A. One Tree Hill

    B. Stranger Things

    C. Vampire Diaries


8. On Saturday night, you can find me:

    A. Game night with family and friends

    B. Reading my favorite book

    C. Going out with friends to the latest club


9. My favorite social media app is:

    A. Instagram

    B. Twitter

    C. Snapchat


10. Catch me listening to this album on repeat on Spotify:

    A. Divide by Ed Sheeran

    B. Harry Styles by Harry Styles

    C. Tell Me You Love Me by Demi Lovato


Mostly A’s

You got Archie!

Girl next door meets boy next door with you and Archie! You are both the charismatic ones of the group and everyone seems to love you. You are always there for your friends and want to make everyone happy, which is why you and Archie would be the ~perfect~ couple!


Mostly B’s

You got Jughead!

You and Jughead would be a great pair since you are both the quieter ones of the group. You have a mysterious exterior, but once people get to know you, they realize how sweet and caring you are, just like Jughead. So when’s the date at Pop’s!?


Mostly C’s

You got Cheryl!


You and Cheryl both have a strong personality and never take no for an answer. Your ability to stand out in the crowd and always maintain your inner ~queen~ is why you two would be perfect for each other!


Originally from Southern California and now living on Long Island! I am a self-declared sushi addict who enjoys good music and good people x (p.s. if anyone knows how to survive an east coast winter, please let me know!!)
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