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Where To Buy Your Perfect Pair of Jeans

Is it possible to live without denim in our lives? Let’s be real, we all own at least one pair of jeans. They have been a staple of everyday fashion since the 1950s-60s, and they were considered working clothes in the decades before. I think I am right in assuming that we all own a couple pairs of jeans for different styling and comfort purposes, but mostly we own them for the hope of finding the perfect pair. The meaning of “perfect denim” is different for everyone, but hopefully, the following tips and store recommendations will help you narrow down your search for the denim that is perfectly suited for you.

There are four stores that I am going to talk about specifically because they are where I have gotten jeans in the past, and I have been pleased with my purchase. Each of these stores satisfies my denim needs in different ways, but they are not the only stores out there that can be trusted. I’m going to tell you about the jeans that I have known and worn, but that does not mean there aren’t jeans that are just as good, or even better, somewhere else; it’s all about what you are looking for.


Forever 21

Forever 21 is a store that I go to for cheap and stylish clothes, but my expectations are never high when it comes to their material quality. It’s important to point out that I have only ever bought jeans from here a few times, but I think it’s also important to note that I have liked their different and often unusual options that no other store will ever have. Forever 21 provides interesting patterns and fits that make their jeans stand out to me, like a pair of wide flare, high-waisted jeans that I just bought and that I love. The only issue with this store is that their sizes and fits are very unpredictable and slightly unreliable when compared to other stores. They definitely do not carry clothes that are universal and can be worn by all, but I think that they can surprise you every once in a while when you want to shake things up.



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A store that I have always found to be a leader in classic denim is The GAP. I think that people overlook this store because their clothes are very simple and not often geared towards teenagers and young adults, but I think that they do a simple jean very well. Again, I only own a few denim pieces from here, but that is because they are a little bit out of price range, and they can be quite plain sometimes. Forever 21 is very good at adding cool embellishments and interesting patterns/rips on their jeans, that are sometimes not what we want. When you want a pair of jeans that are simple and allow the rest of your outfit speak instead, GAP is the place for you. I do not think that their sizes are tailored very well to all different body types either, but they can make some great quality jeans.



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Urban Outfitters

If you are willing to shell out a bit more for your denim, Urban Outfitters is another great option. Like The GAP, Urban Outfitters provides great quality jeans that are not always affordable for college students. Even so, I think that the jeans that I have owned from Urban Outfitters have been some of my favorite. Last year, I had a pair of mom jeans that I wore to everything; they eventually wore down and holes developed in the thigh area, but that’s mostly because my thighs are slightly larger (only one issue that I personally have when buying jeans). I like Urban Outfitters though because they present their clothes very well. People are often afraid to buy articles of clothing because they don’t know what to wear with them, but this store has great stylists who know what jeans look good with what top. They help to eliminate the stress of what to buy with a certain style of jeans because they often already have shirts made for their denim. Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite stores, but I believe there is one store that is the best for finding the perfect pair of jeans.



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American Eagle

For years, there is one store that I have trusted with my jean shopping for a few important reasons. American Eagle, who is known for their growing denim collection, has seemed to be the place I always turn to for the best quality and best-fit jeans. I never intend to get all my jeans from here, but I can never find another store more accommodating to my size and style needs. Not only does American Eagle have employees specifically labeled as jean experts, but they have the biggest selection of denim that I think I have ever seen and at a semi-affordable price. Sure, there probably are places that offer jeans at a much less expensive price, but American Eagle has a huge selection of sizes, as well as multiple lengths that fit my body type which is not the most common. I am a 5’10”, mildly curvy gal whose thighs need a bit more breathing room. For me, American Eagle has almost all of their styles of jeans in my size with new stretchy denim material. I love my classic skinny jeans, but I also like to mix it up with a flare and a mom jean every once in a while, and American Eagle has all of that.



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Now that you know where to get some of the best jeans on the market, start shopping! But if you find the store where the girls in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants found those magical jeans that fit all of them exists, please someone reach out and help a sister out.

I am currently a Journalism Major at Hofstra University with a minor in Creative Writing. I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA, and my dream is to work for a fashion magazine in New York City (basically I want a life like "The Devil Wears Prada"). My interests include fashion, binge watching movies illegally on the internet, and working out every other week or so.
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